Time for the peak of Summer and Christmas 🎄!

I sometimes wish we had Winter like the Northern countries to really enjoy Christmas with all the warm, spicy flavours we see in drinks and food... but it's okay, we'll swap gingerbread cookies for ice cold mocktails!

As we wind down to the end of the year, it's the perfect time to reflect on what 2018 was - or wasn't - as we gear up for 2019. I don't know about you but I wasn't the hugest fan of 2018, but I'm keen to see what the New Year brings.

I hope you guys are working on what you're passionate about - something I'm trying to achieve again.

Stay merry,
I hope you're listening to all the Mariah Carey songs 🎄 ~

2018 Disney Africa Content Showcase


One of my favourite events of the year took place on Thursday: the 2018 Walt Disney Company Africa content showcase. It’s no surprise that I’m a Disney Devotee at heart, so to attend these yearly events is always a treat and low key gets me emotional to find out more about the future Disney happenings.


This year the showcase took place at Monte and I ended up gatecrashing the second session too – are we even surprised? It was such fun to chat to the team about my excitement around Raven-Symone’s visit to South Africa and geek out about all the #Mickey90 merch – I want it all!


I could list everything that happened at the showcase, but I figured I’d share the content I’m most excited about below:

All of the animated series: the Disney guys are not disappointing when it comes to the animated series across all of the Disney channels. Seeing some clips from Space Chickens in Space legit got me tearful because they’re THAT cute and of course my inner kid was super happy about 101 Dalmatian Street. I was also really happy to see that Fancy Nancy is coming to our screens too – yay! What really touched my heart was seeing that international faves were getting the localized treatment too with The Lion Guard and Doc McStuffins having dubbed versions in some of our local languages… go Disney Africa!



The live-action movies: okay Disney, serve all the nostalgic feels why don’t you! I can’t wait to watch Dumbo; Aladdin; The Lion King; Mary Poppins Returns and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. We didn’t see footage for Aladdin and The Lion King, but what we saw of the others gave me literal goosebumps.


Everything on Disney Channel: um… where do I even start!? From Descendants 3 (remember that time I interviewed the cast?) to the new DCOMs Freaky Friday and Kim Possible, it’s a good time to be glued to Disney Channel. I still dream of one day doing something on the channel… even voice over work haha. The most exciting moment? Raven-Symone is coming to South Africa! I’m super keen to meet and chat to her because That’s So Raven and Cheetah Girls have a special place in my heart – we’re Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sisters! Watch this space about me chatting to Raven about Raven’s Home season 2 coming in October to South Africa.


Until next time, cheers guys!


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