Happy New Year! How long can I go through Jan and Feb sending good wishes for the year to others?

It's been a good start to the year from hanging out with my utmost favourite South African hip-hop star, Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena on the set of V-Entertainment to attending the launch of 1Magic - it's been a busy three weeks!

Remember to stick to your goals and remember what you'd like to achieve this year! It's not easy but the end goal is totally worth it.

Sending all the positivity,
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4 Series I’m watching right now

I love doing nothing but watching a good series and scrolling on social media. With the weather getting suddenly so hot, one would thing I’d want to go out but here I am vegetating and watching hours of series. Someone stop me… actually don’t.

I figured it would be nice to share the series I’m watching from time to time, so here’s what I’m currently enjoying!

Riverdale (season 1 )


I actually season recorded this on my DStv Explora – it aired earlier this year on M-Net. When the news hit of this series, I was super excited to watch it because I grew up reading the Archie comics and loved the Gossip Girl-feel the show was treated with. Fast forward many months after the premiere and here I am having started the series twice and dropping it. I’m giving it another shot in the hope that I can fully commit to it before season 2 arrives.

Younger  (season 3 on Showmax)


I took a break from this series because I was having a hard time dealing with how unrealistic the general plot is. I know it’s ironic to say that seeing as I watch many other far-out shows with the most random plots. Anyway, I’m back on to it and it’s a fun, light watch. I’m a huge fan of Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster so I have to support them too! The nice thing is if you’re keen on watching this too, it’s exclusive to Showmax so you can binge-watch the entire series!

Big Little Lies (season 1 on Showmax)


Another show I dropped half way through (I know, I have a problem), I’m back on it now that Showmax has the entire season – Showmax is saving me these days! I love that it’s not a very long series and I’ve read all the great reviews on it, so it’s really a matter of commitment to finish it. I did quit enjoy the two episodes I watched when it was Express from the US earlier this year on M-Net.

The Bold Type (season 1)


Airing on Vuzu at the moment, this series is shockingly relatable. If you’re in your twenties and working, this is the show to watch! Inspired by Cosmopolitan with Joanna Coles as one of the producers, it has a great dose of career, style, friendship and romance in the series while keeping you motivated to work hard and live your best life. Um, and the music is pretty damn perfect! Out of everyone I think I adore Kat the most even though I do love them all without a doubt.


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