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Ali Lohan to Pursue a Music Career?

Ali Lohan to Pursue a Music Career?

When word got out that Lindsay Lohan’s young sister, Aliana ‘Ali’ Lohan would be getting back into music, I was so excited! In 2008 when I was 15 years old she released a single All The Way Around which I loved but sadly I don’t recall her album ever coming out afterwards. Oh wait, let’s not forget about Lohan Holiday (Google it if you have no idea about what I’m talking about – most South Africans won’t).

Three weeks ago Ali uploaded a YouTube video of her singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Seriously, she did an incredible job! Her voice has definitely improved a lot from a few years ago when she was very young: it’s a lot more mature and stronger. She reminds me of Lorde and Adele and maybe a bit of Gabrielle Cilmi too. I wish she would cover a few of my favourite songs like maybe Roar or Unconditionally by Katy Perry, As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber or something by Lorde or Ariana Grande. Watch her cover below:


A few people are slating her for doing this and I don’t see why. Firstly, she’s doing what she loves and uploading it to YouTube, hardly the end of the world. Sure, she is probably [read: definitely] going to pursue a music career again and this time do really well and I think the world should wait and see what she has to offer. Quite frankly, I think she has the entire package from the looks to the voice and the personality inbetween. She could just be the next best thing in the music scene. Of course I had to tweet her too – see below:

I grew up watching Lindsay’s movies and enjoyed her music a lot, too so when I discovered Ali all those many years ago I was excited about seeing what she does. She’s had a great career in modelling and I can’t wait to hear her new music and hopefully she will consider doing more acting later on. No matter what people say, you can’t deny Lindsay’s talent, right? And the same goes for Ali. The Lohan’s are pretty darn talented I think. Now all I need is to be able to ask her a few questions… I’m sure I’ll eventually get an opportunity to interview her, until then here’s Ali’s All The Way Around, by the way:


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