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Stay home, stay safe <3
Stay home, stay safe!

August 2018


Well, it’s been a good several months since I last posted. Things have been pretty hectic with campaigns and happenings at work which allowed for little time to focus on anything else. Now, I’m ready to get back into my passion and work on what I truly love: sharing conversations with incredible people and telling their stories – amongst many other things.

With that said, I won’t dwell on why I chose to take such a prolonged break, but rather focus on the great things I was able to experience. I really believe in having experiences because you don’t want to trade away the feelings those memories come with – they truly are priceless.

Here are some things I was happy to experience this year:

  • I had awesome interviews! From hanging out with Moozlie on the set of one of my local entertainment shows, V-Entertainment to meeting a real life Disney princess, Anika Noni Rose, it’s been a great time for meeting such incredible individuals. I even had a chance to have a really in-depth telephonic conversation with Zuri Hall from E! Entertainment which was really enlightening. Sadly I didn’t go to the Durban July, otherwise I would have met her and continued the convo in reality.
  • I experienced Witness: The Tour! Remember when I was beyond excited to watch Katy Perry perform live? It was everything I wanted and MORE! Hands down the best concert I’v ever attended. It made me love Katy even more since my initial 10 year adoration for her. I want to watch her live again! Let me put it into perspective: Katy can sit alongside Nicki Minaj as the queen she deserves to be considered as. Enough said.


  • I fell in love with Cape Town. Seriously, what is with Cape Town serving us international vibes? It’s sometimes hard to believe the city is even a part of South Africa at times – it’s on another level of epicness! It’s as if Durban and Johannesburg had a kid and it was Cape Town with some international bloodline.
  • I met Lilly Singh! Yes guys, I met iiSuperwomanii – can we have a moment for this!? I’m going to keep the details and specifics for another day but it was quite a surreal moment and there’s no doubt about it: she radiates positivity and love as you feel from her videos. Queen of YouTube, y’all!


  • I’ve been to meditation classes and a retreat. It’s quite an experience to really find your center and truly understand yourself. While I may have started this journey a few months ago, I’m very much still a beginner but I can feel the impact it’s had.


That’s it for now guys. I’m happy to be back and can’t wait to create exciting content and be inspired!

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