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I recently tweeted that I want to write more, share more and do more this year. I always say this, but for some reason I really do feel the need to do so much this year. I mean, sleep is for the weak, right?

Stay great and pushing towards what you want. <3
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Best coffee places in JHB


Don’t expect me to rattle off a list of places that are super unique or quirky, because I’m still looking for that. Rather, these coffee shops are places I frequent to go and work or for a little catch up over endless coffee and cake with friends on weekday evenings.


I’m not an entirely difficult person to impress, so these places are quaint spots that have a charm – even thought they’re totally considered mainstream.


Of course this would be on the list. If you know anything about me, then you’re well aware of my adoration with Starbucks. It’s not because I think their coffee is great – I prefer their tea and signature drinks – but rather the atmosphere of people on a work hustle or meeting there for a purpose. I often can be found here working or just having a regular, chilled hangout.


Which are my favourite Starbucks in Johannesburg? Well, there are my faves in joburg in order of preference: The Marc, Melrose Arch, Sandton City, Rosebank and we don’t talk about the branch in Menlyn.


Seattle Coffee Co

Their coffee? I like. While I don’t come here often enough, I quite like their branch at The Marc that feels very New York City-esque. I really love their hot chocolate and their butterscotch flavoured drinks – try them to not be disappointed!




First thing’s first, we need to appreciate their banana bread. It’s the things dreams are made of and perfectly paired with their seasonal winter hot chocolates. I’ll be waiting for the colder season for a cosy catch up at their simply charming Rosebank branch.


Lexi’s Healthy Eatery

Yup, this place is exactly what the name suggests: healthy. But their food is amazing for a mostly plant-based eatery – but, we’re not here for the food. The hot chocolate and super lattes are a must-try. The pace serves all the aesthetics and the owner, Lexi is absolutely sweet and attentive to every single person that arrives. Yay for supporting some small local places! Also the location is great right in the heart of Sandton.


Here’s hoping I inspired you to try one of the above places. I’ll be back in the new year to share some more quirkier little spots.

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