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Best South African Interviews

Best South African Interviews

I always get asked about who is my favourite person to interview. The truth is, everyone is. There’s always someone who brings a little charm and fun to the table (except for that one fashion designer I adored who gave me one word answers – shame on you). I always enjoy each and every interview but of course some stand out a bit more than others.

Due to the amount of incredible individuals and groups I’ve interviewed from across the globe and back to Africa, I decided to divide this into two parts: local and international. I hope you enjoy reading this first instalment which focuses on our awesome local names making us proud and inspiring us each day!

Debora Patta: of course. Did you guys expect anything less from me? My fist ever interviewee remains my favourite. From shaking due to nerves and somehow not making too many mistakes, Debora was an absolute wonder keeping me at ease and sharing some of her many incredible stories. Read the interview here. I still get goosebumps when I read it 7 years later!

Jeannie D: I adore this woman! She is so incredibly talented and beyond beautiful. I grew up watching her on Top Billing so to know she knew of me was pretty mind-blowing. When I met her at the Durban July event a few years back she was about to go live on SABC3 but gave me the hugest hug and sweetest welcome and allowed me to chat to her quickly for TeenZone magazine which you can see on their YouTube. I hope to chat to Jeannie again soon!

Nonhle Thema: More of an evening following her around than a set-and-stone interview, this was quite a surreal experience! I spent the evening with her at the MultiChoice head office where I vowed to one day work (oh hello, now I do!) and watched her host one of her last ever show segments of V-Entertainment on Vuzu.

Danny K: This interview came about in a funny way. It was at an event and he agreed to do an interview if I took a photo of him with his then girlfriend (now wife). It was a short one but still loads of fun to chat to one of my favourite local singers!

Bokang Montjane: I interviewed her when she was Miss South Africa and supporting Lalla Hirayama during a charity event for Japan. Bokang was seriously sweet – and tall! I was quite intimidated to chat to her I remember but I went through with it in the middle of a shoe store and it remains one of my favourites!

Barry Hilton: This was definitely a huge highlight in my career due to where the interview ended up and how well it was received. I did it for work when Barry’s stand up show was available on DStv’s BoxOffice. Prior to the interview Barry quoted a few lyrics from Michelle by The Beatles – quite chuffed I was able to recognise it!

David Tlale: I never did get to post this interview up which was sad because the event I attended was eventually cancelled due to terrible weather. I always admired David’s work but kind of felt perhaps he wasn’t very approachable… oh boy was I wrong! He gave me such in-depth answers and was quite a lovely person. He even took a photo with my mom on the night, how sweet!

It was really hard to decide which interviews to make mention of, but these are some of my many local interviews I’ll always cherish and enjoy looking back on. I always love talking to our local stars as well as getting you all involved! I plan to do that a lot in 2016 now that I’m getting back in to this for my blog. Can’t wait to have you all along on the journey!

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