Is Ariana Grande a diva?

September 11, 2016

I recently posted a review on Ariana Grande’s latest album, Dangerous Woman. When I wrote it, I got thinking about the media and what they’ve said about Ariana. I’ve grown up watching Ari as Cat on Victorious and quite simply adored her. She may have been known for playing a ditzy role, but the girl has some impressive vocal pipes that really garnered her the worldwide attention she deserved. But, growing up in the spotlight ain’t easy and some of her actions have been a bit questionable.

Who remembers the doughnut licking incident? Her apparent feud with Victoria Justice? The many comparisons to Mariah Carey? All of those stories got me thinking and I ended up watching a few compilation videos of Ariana’s most shady and downright ‘diva’ moments. During all of this ¬†decided to shoot a reaction video about it all which I’m about to share.

I think celebrity reaction videos are my new favourite thing… and it just makes sense. I have so much to say about Young Hollywood and even our celebs back at home, so why not shoot these? I have a few others planned, but for now… enjoy my reaction to Ariana Grande’s most shady/diva moments.¬†

Music Reviews

Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

September 6, 2016

Seeing as this album was released in May, I have no idea why I’m only writing this now? I guess I’ve been obsessed with watching Ariana Grande perform songs off of Dangerous Woman lately that it made sense to finally do this. I mean, her Side to Side performance with Nicki Minaj at the 2016 VMAs was everything!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like this album at first. I guess because it’s quite different to My Everything and Yours Truly but after a good few listens I found some favourites in Dangerous Woman, Side to Side, Be Alright, Into You, Leave Me Lonely, Greedy and Bad Decisions. I’m happy that Ariana decided to change the direction slightly with the album – it was initially meant to be titled “Moonlight” which happens to be the first song of the album. This seems like a far more mature and edgier album than her previous offerings. The only reason why it took some time for me to get into it was because it’s a pairing I’m not used to with Ariana.


What I really loved about this new phase from Ariana is everything she has experimented with: different sounds, vocals and collabs. The girl from Victorious is long gone and I quite like how Ari has evolved (minus some of her shady moments, to be honest). I adored the visuals which accompanied this in the forms of video teasers, music videos and the like. Um, hello Side to Side music video with Nicki Minaj – the aesthetic was basically everything. Another music video I could not get enough of was definitely Into You – Id love to see Ariana come out with a visual album of sorts or short movie, because there’s no denying her team know how to deliver. Granted though, I did feel a bit awkward about her and Lil Wayne in the Let Me Love You music video, but I’ve since moved on from that.

Ariana is planning a Dangerous Woman tour in 2017, I can only hope it will visit South Africa. What I like about her is that she sings incredibly live. Her performance is never entirely the same as the studio offering, but because this girl is so insanely talented, you don’t care much if it differs.

All in all, Dangerous Woman is great offering from Ariana Grande with powerful ballads, hot collabs and an edgier sound you’ll grow to love. You should definitely give it a listen to see what all the fuss is about!