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October 5, 2011

I live in a city where hardly anything happens, and if it does it is either really awesome or just mediocre….and I say ‘mediocre’ in the most fondest of ways possible. Okay no, I am just being my usual cynical self (I’ve gotten used to being described as such so I decided to use the term, too). I live in a city called Durban – actually, I live in the suburbs of Durban, no way in hell do I live in the city. I don’t want to die! Anyway, does it matter where I live? What does matter is that it can be pretty boring.
What I mean by boring is that when international artists come to South Africa (read: Kings of Leon, Coldplay, David Guetta and Drake) it seems Durban is always left out of their tour schedule – they only go to Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is pretty depressing.

It is fine though. I do not need to see a big international star each month — I’d become a pauper on the street what with having to buy those pricy tickets so often. I like local bands and artists. It makes me feel so proudly South African (I tend to get patriotic at times). SA has such amazing talent and recently I’ve been wanting to showcase that in my blog posts. Not just artists, but actors, models, writers and those people behind the scenes. I’m thinking of doing just that mainly in the newspaper column I will be writing. I am so excited.
One person who deserves a mention is Erin Crous. she is amazing and only 25 years old! I interviewed her last week Wednesday over a decadent cup of Lindt hot chocolate from Vida. Erin is the head of events at East Coast Radio – her job is to put together all of the station’s awesome events and assists when ECR is a media partner with other event organizers. This is not all she does, she has her own booking agency, and she is interested in photography, too! She’s going to have a website where it will be a go-to site for everything Durban entertainment related. In my interview she told me a lot about this and I can’t wait to show you all the interview. She’s a very admirable woman – I told her that about ten times when we met.

Below are two photos I literally snatched off her profile (Sorry, Ez) from when James Blunt performed in the country – uh-mazing, right? Erin is everywhere all the time. when I covered the Trey Songz concert for SWG I saw her there taking photos. She’s living the life, but she’s such a hard worker. I’m podcasting the interview so you all can hear what she’s about!
In the mean time, follow her on Twitter and ‘like’ her page. :) She’s going to be at the concert on Saturday so I’m hoping to have her do a little shout-out for my website so you can all see what she is about, too.

Photo Credits: Erin Crous


Photo Credits: Erin Crous

What is the music scene like in your country? Do you have any uber-talented artists – the answer should be ‘yes!’.

PS: I need to finish up the design of this website. I’m such a slacker. It’s pathetic. I’m such a sad case of lost hope at times.

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  • Reply Jess October 5, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    She takes such beautiful photos! She has done a lot for her young age. Congratulations to her. Can’t wait for the podcast!

  • Reply Jen October 5, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    The music scene in our country is good. :) I have nothing against them, but not all songs makes into the chart. Too bad. :(

    Yeah! We have tons of uber-talented artists!

  • Reply phyllz October 5, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Those are really close up pictures and amazing! I wonder how she was still able to take pictures in that heat of the moment, I mean she’s so close to the band and I’m sure people were screaming behind her! :)
    Miami. And that pretty much sums up everything. If a person mentions Miami, they would immediately think of the hiphop/gangster scene, and hardcore parties and clubs. So, I guess club/electro/hiphop are the main genre of music that are played here.

    There are tons of undiscovered artists here, and I think most of them are in the Underground scene, I haven’t really experience listening to them, but I’ve heard of them. :)

  • Reply Monica October 6, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Haha, that’s so true. As far as I know, I won’t be bringing a textbook into the dance this year. :)

    Aw thanks, your layout is very pink. I LOVE pink, I can’t live without it. My walls are pink, so are my converse. :)

    Every place is amazing that I’ve been to. You? Personally, I’m not a fan of music stars: they all auto tune, and they can’t sing without it. I love the pictures, they are beautiful pictures.

    What is the music scene like in your country? Do you have any uber-talented artists – the answer should be ‘yes!’.
    Yes? I guess so. =]

  • Reply Ayel October 6, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    yeah i pretty much think we have very talented artists here in the country. charice for the first, she’s been going international, but aside from her who didn’t make it around the world, there are LOT of them singing in the comfort of their country. :) hihi.

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