Meet Michelle

Some of you may know me as MishGov from Twitter or just as Michelle, then others know me as Mish Informed – either way, I’m just me. I’m 23 years old and I lived in Durban, South Africa for most of my life. At the beginning of September 2013 I moved to Johannesburg where I am now working in media. 

I love Asian culture so I watch a lot of anime, read tons of manga, spend a ton of money towards my loyalty to Nintendo and listen to a lot of Korean and Japanese music. I have a special place in my heart for Walt Disney and the magical happiness it stands for. I enjoy drawing on occasion and once had a dream of creating my own comic series – sadly that just never happened. I love cheetah print and sweet things – my chocolate of choice being speckled eggs of course. I have a love for Nicki Minaj’s music which people find surprising and I like a million other things too… just ask to find out what!

And, last but not least, I am a freelance celebrity and entertainment reporter. I’ve been interviewing awesome people since I was about fifteen years old. My work has been featured in Saltwater Girl magazine, Sunday Tribune, Cape Argus, TeenZone Magazine and many other print and online publications. I’ve interviewed over a hundred people including Cody Simpson; Danny K; Gareth Cliff; Charice; the cast of Jerseylicious; Jeannie D; many Disney Channel stars; Dineo Moeketsi and other lovely media personalities . I also attend many concerts, fashion shows and events to report back on for other publications, as well as my blog. I’ve spoken about my work to Seventeen magazine, Sunday Tribune, Sunday Times, Noeleen for 3Talk to name a few.

I started Mish Informed as a way to document my celebrity reporting and event coverage as well as have a small space online to serve as my portfolio for any future interest in my writing. It’s a space to share my chats with cool people, things I’ve bought, nerdy interests and much more. Before I knew it many people started to discover my blog which was – and still is – surreal to think of. The huge support from everyone has afforded me the opportunity to work with many great brands including Vodacom, Cotton On, SONY Music Africa, Mountain Dew, Converse, Groupon,  LeGit, The Walt Disney Company Africa and many others.   

To find out more about my celebrity work, click here.

Get to know me a bit better by checking out my frequently asked questions page too. 


  • Reply Liz January 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    This is awesome, well done! Passing your link on to my teenage daughter for some inspiration ;) Good luck with your studies, your hard work will most certainly pay off! xo

  • Reply Nkhensani February 20, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Hi :)
    Read about you in the latest issue of Seventeen, and I just had to come and see if they hadn’t maybe made a mistake with your age. I can’t believe you’re only 18, and you’ve already accomplished so much! Congratulations on that :D
    Maybe this will encourage me to get my almost-21-years-old-and-kinda-demotivated self to do more at my blog and get it to where I know it can be. Wish me luck! :)

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