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Queen Latifah and Common heading to South Africa

May 20, 2016

Queen Latifah and Common are heading to South Africa! Yes, you read right! You may have even heard by now, but you know me, I like to sit down with all the info and give it to you straight. They’re heading here for an important reason and I’ve summarised it all in five quick points!

Here’s all you need to know about Queen Latifah and Common’s trip here! I’m not too certain about interviews yet but if those happen, you can expect I’d like to get you guys involved with some questions!

When and where?

My hometown, Durban will play host to these two awesome people! They will be heading to SA in mid-July – looks as if Durban will be the place to be (as always) in July.


After 15 years, the International AIDS Conference (IAC) returns to South Africa this winter. In commemoration of this fact, and to help accelerate the fight against HIV/AIDS, the non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) brings South Africans the Keep the Promise 2016 Rally and March through the Durban CBD on Saturday 16 July 2016.

Common and Queen Latifah are on their way here for Keep the Promise, also known as KTP2016, an advocacy campaign and call-to-action for governments and international funding bodies to increase needed AIDS funding and intensify their commitments to ending the global AIDS epidemic.


What else is happening?

There will be a concert after the March and Rally!

Yes guys, Common will be performing! I’m so excited for that! It’s his first time performing in SA so that’s another exciting moment for us all. Joining him will be local talent like Mi Casa, Kwaito group Big Nuz and Zambian-born artist B-Flow. My fave Idols South Africa judge Proverb and Ayanda-Allie Paine will serve as MCs, and guest keynote speakers will inspire the audience and the world to “keep the promise” to fund research into ending HIV/AIDS.

Why is this important?

HIV/AIDs is a subject we should all know more about. It’s always good to educate yourself. What this does is provide education in a fun manner which will ensure the message is generated across to the youth – or anyone who comes across it.

What do Queen Latifah and Common have to say?

“I am excited to be part of the Keep The Promise Concert in Durban, South Africa. It’s my first time in South Africa and it feels good to be going for such a great cause.”  Queen Latifah

“This will be my first time back in S.A. in over 15 years and I’m excited to support the people of Durban and AHF. This is going to be cool!”  Common

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Pinkprint Tour Experience & Meeting Nicki Minaj

March 20, 2016

Wow, is this real life? Am I sitting down to write this? I have to take several moments because I’m unsure.

I shot a video for this, but the lighting was less than desirable towards the end. Naturally this was the night before going to China so I had no time to re-shoot. I’ve decided to shoot it again when I return because I honestly need you all to sit down and watch what I have to say because it’s still so surreal.

I’m going to do a quick overview of the Nicki Minaj concert. When I return expect a more detailed look. I can’t leave without sharing some of my feelings – which, again, don’t feel real. I hope you enjoy this. <3

The Pinkprint Concert

I went to both Johannesburg shows – 17 and 18 March. For the first show I was Golden Circle – right by the rail! When Onika came out, I was still in disbelief that after 8 years I was finally going to watch my idol perform live! She started with All Things Go, went on to Roman’s Revenge and then a few other classic favourites including one of her best verses ever with the song Monster.

Nicki had this tan bodysuit on with cut-outs at the back and she looked flawless with her blonde wig with a fringe. When she came out she had to take a moment because she started to cry and said how her dream was always to perform in South Africa and it was finally happening! It was such a beautiful moment.

Nicki didn’t sing live for all songs but it’s kind of understandable becuase the woman’s bars are hectic fast so to do that and then continue would be quite a taxing feat. I loved the entire experience but my fave parts were Anaconda, Moment 4 Life, Only, Superbass, Starships, Bedrock, Dutty Love, The Night is Still Young, All Eyes on Me (she was so cute when she mentioned Meek Mill’s name at the end from the song) and Save Me. Save Me was an ultimate favourite because she changed the lyrics towards the middle-end of the song to ‘Johannesburg won’t you save me‘ and it was so emotional and her voice was simply stunning.

Overall, the TPP concert was incredible. The only downside was that she had no costume changes, the stage was a simplified version of what we saw in the US and Europe and her setlist was quite different. With those minor to major differences, it still didn’t impact how much I loved her performance. It had quite an intimate feel to it which is a thousand  times better than any theatrical performance. Both nights were incredible but Thursday was the best and I can’t wait to go into detail about both when I return.  


Meeting Nicki Minaj

Again, this will have a detailed post and video when I return. I’m sure you all know by now the drama that surrounded the meet and greets. If not, quickly read this article about how we waited two hours to find out that no such thing as a meet and greet was going to happen. After two hours of waiting and her Minajety, Nicki quite angrily addressing the situation, I finally met her. I still cannot believe it! It was a group photo but I made certain to stand next to my Queen. I felt so overwhelmed in her presence but luckily I was composed in front of her. We took two photos and she still confirmed if she was happy with it and so did we. I wonder what would have happened if none of us were happy with the shot?When the photo was done she took a step back and we turned to her. I had to put my hand on my face and I said to her “Nicki, you looked beautiful out there!” and she turned to me, gave me the biggest smile and giggled and said “thank you so much, darling” – god, she was beautiful on stage and in person! She is so tiny in real life as opposed to her videos and such on TV. She looks like a doll come to life – literally perfect in the black dress and jacket with orange on the sleeves that she wore.

Then I told her how I loved the concert – I guess I was gushing over her. She was so precious because when I spoke to her – I rate I literally spoke the most – she kept looking at me right in the eye. WE WERE SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER! I went on to wish her all the best in SA as well as Dubai and she beamed and got so excited saying she’s so excited for Dubai too! At some point during all of this I touched her arm and she touched mine and I literally wanted to die!!! She then went on to apologise about everything and I wanted to die again! She was so cute and I just… can’t deal! We had to leave her at some point but that was my Moment 4 Life – surreal and unforgettable, it still feels like a dream. Then this happened 15 minutes before her second show and I freaked out and everyone was looking at me – I cried guys, her caption made me cry:

Hello, girlz. Loved our lil talk. ??   A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Like I said, I will post in detail about this when I come back including all my photos and videos. This is already so long! I hope you enjoyed reading it all because I can promise you, I enjoyed every second. I got home at 2am after the Thursday show and my feet were killing me and I did it all again on Friday! It was all worth it to see my Queen live. I waited 8 years for this and it was wonderful beyond words!

Expect more details upon my return including info about the opening act and these adorable girls I met during the meet and greet.