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That Awkward Moment When You Watch Awkward

February 1, 2012

Hi everyone! I’m finally here to write a new post after no sleep for a few days and dying from headaches. I’m so dramatic…. all what was wrong was that I had not slept. Whilst I am writing this I am listening to classical music (please do not ask why). This song is called ‘Maid With The Flaxin Hair‘ by Richard Stoltzen – it sounds like background music for an old Disney movie…. like maybe Bambi. I had meant to do a post on a few things I bought but I will post that on the weekend.

If you do not see me tweeting or updating my Facebook, please know that it is due to the fact that I am obsessed with the above show, Awkward. This. Show. Is. Amazing. I’ve watched five minutes of it and love it but Rochelle has told me tons about it anyway as she was the one who brought it for me today. I do not think it has aired yet on MTV here in SA, but I know it aired last year in the US. I love how they talk in this show!

It’s such a relatable show no matter who you are. Heck, I see some of my friends and teachers in this show – it is crazy! It’s basically about the main character, Jenna who is pretty… well, awkward. One day she has an accident and the student body thinks she attempted to commit suicide – when she did not – and becomes really popular.  There’s a few story lines in this show that I can actually relate to. It is hilarious. I read most of the Wikipedia of it and can’t wait to watch it this week.

What are you currently watching?

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We All Need Some Inspiration

January 14, 2012

I started blogging because I enjoy writing, but another main reason is due to the inspiration I get from so many of the blogs I’ve read. Sometimes it’s a story a blogger is relating to their readers or a photo of their new makeup they have uploaded – it just makes me adore the little online community I am a part of. I say ‘little’ because there are so many hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there that I have yet to discover.
The one person I got really inspired by years ago was Georgina from – seriously, it was way back when. I loved how she was so honest in her blog posts and answered everyone. Reading her posts were great because aspects of her life were so relatable – and they still are. I started reading her blog when I was starting high school – I basically grew up reading her blog as often as I could. Thanks for the inspiration, G!

Last year August I got back into blogging after a year-and-a-half hiatus from online writing. I came across so many lovely bloggers – here are a few of them who are so successful and inspire me with each post, image and thought posted. I feel that inspiration should be shared so from time  to time I will do random posts about the blogs and bloggers I adore – here’s my first post about it :D … also, these are mainly fashion and beauty bloggers below – I follow many different blogs :)

Grysh Co

Mon Dec 19 17:17:09 2011
I love this girl! She’s so sweet and just one of the most friendliest people I have come across online. I remember coming across Grysh’s blog when she commented on mine some time last year and I e-mailed her blog link to my colleague . We both fell in love with her blog and photos. Follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook page to see why I think she is so cool!  I’ve watched a few of her youtube videos and she reminds me so much of my friend Qiu Qiu who moved to South Africa from China – well, sadly she moved to a different city after finishing high school so I no longer see her.

Bebe Doll

Where do I even begin? Rhea is like an actual Asian doll – she’s absolutely beautiful! Besides looks, I find her personality to be so cute and I love reading her blog and watching her youtube videos! funny thing is, I watched a certain video of hers where you can see her filming setup – I’ve gotten inspiration from her on redecorating my room! I think her room is TOO COOL! Follow her on Twitter and like her FB page, too :]

Korean Doll

I seriously think that Angela and Rhea are long lost sisters! They’re both so similar but so different at the same time. Angela is also another blogger who is so amazingly pretty (and like Rhea, she models).  I like Angela and her blog a lot because she mentions how she used to have multiple jobs at the same time. Her blog is mainly about fashion and beauty, but she throws a lot of personal details into it too, which I really like. Follow her on both Twitter and FB!

Lil Pink

Ayah (or Kai) reminds me SO MUCH of my friend. I’m not too certain as to why, but she does and it is a good thing! I cannot even remember how I came across ayah’s blog, but I fell in love with it once I saw it. It’s everything you want it to be; pink; great blog posts; pink and honest! I love it and I love how she posted a D.I.Y post on how she created, like an Eiffel Tower decal for her wall – too cool! Here is her Twitter and Facebook.

So, are these girls not cool? I think they all are and are all so unique. Do you have any fave bloggers?