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Events This August

August 4, 2013

Hi Everyone! Thank you so, so much for all of the kind feedback on Instagram and Twitter about my blog re-design. I was a bit skeptic on if it would be received well, but it seems you all enjoyed me leaving some colourful elements and we all agree that the content now becomes the focal point.

Guys, seriously... I can literally feel Spring knocking on the door! I am so excited! Luckiy, I live in Durban so to be quite honest we have no idea what winter is – I mean, I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky in days (if not a good two weeks).
I wanted to tell you all that it seems that this month is dedicated to all things skin and hair due to the number of events I’ve been invited to. I’m really happy because good skincare is important as well as keeping your hair in good shape – Lord knows I need a million tips on that. The events I’ve been invited to are being held by some really awesome brands that a lot of you would know about whether it be that you are from the top of Africa to the bottom of Australia. There’s a special ambassador reveal for one of the events which I cannot wait for! I’m planning on doing an interview or two with the experts so you can expect some helpful posts later on this month.
With that said, I’m going to leave this very open-ended and ask you if there are any specific hair or skin questions you’d like for me to ask the experts at these events? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook.

I think getting you all involved will be a welcomed fun element and who knows, maybe one of the days a few of you could attend an event with me!
Until next time, have a great week!