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Make 2016 your best

January 1, 2016

2015 has been an interesting year of ups and downs. I can’t say I have been particularly fond of it towards the end, but the year did bring forth several good things. From finally sorting out my travel documents which marks the start of my travels in 2016 to finding a new focus on my blog. It’s been a year of discovery and such you could say.

With that said, sure 2015 wasn’t the best but I always believe in attracting things to yourself so I am focusing on 2016 being great! I thought instead of reflecting on what happened this year I would rather share some advice and tips with you all which I hope to follow as we enter the New Year.

Power of attraction

It’s true what they say: if you make mention of something enough times and keep thinking of it, it will eventually occur. 2015 has proven this theory and I plan to bring it in to 2016. I really want to use this with my forever growing list of celebrities I’d like to chat to.

Friend focused

It’s always good to allow yourself periods to reevaluate friendships. New Years are great to slowly release yourself from toxic and negative relations – ain’t nobody want negativity bringing them down. It’s time to leave them all in 2015 whether that means unfriending someone on Facebook or deleting a person’s number on your phone.

Be positive

As clichéd as it is, it works. Sometimes we need a good cheesy tip to remind us what we truly need to be like. I try my utmost to be positive 95% of the time and allow for about 5% of other feelings. I mean, we all do need a good rant session now and again. Basically, try to always look for the silver lining. Now that’s your serving of cheese done. Inspired by a convo had with my friend, Ashlee.

Healthy body, healthy mind

So true. With my trip coming up in 2016 I want to be completely focused on looking and feeling my best. You can do the same because it does wonders for your state of mind. I’ve seen it with a friend Molebatsi and she’s inspired me!

Get enough sleep

It’s a shame we don’t all get our 8 hours of sleep because it truly does wonders. Try to sleep earlier during the week or sleep in over the weekend.

There are so many other little tips and advice I want to share but I’m afraid I’ll be writing a short book then. I’ll share them with you guys overtime. In the interim, make sure to start 2016 off with a good mindset and attract all the the great things to your life! I hope it’s a fantastic one!

DIY, Inspiration

DIY Tumblr Lights Jar

December 5, 2015
That time tumblr inspired me.

I’m not one for do-it-yourself activities. I’m as lazy as they come, but even I had to admit that the following was super easy that passing it on was something I just could not do.

Have you ever scrolled through Tumblr (where you should be following me) to come across pretty decorations in beautiful rooms and wondered ‘how did they do that?’? Well, it’s true that most of the deco you see on Tumblr are custom-made little creations from people I wish I could be one-eighth as talented as. But that doesn’t mean that everything is hard, some of the little DIYS are pretty simple – and cheap – to execute.

The following fairy lights/night light jar is so easy and affordable to do that you’ll be wondering why you never tried it sooner! All you need is  ajar and some fairy lights to be a few steps away from having something pretty envy-worthy. My friend Rikashni actually thought my photo of this was from Tumblr and not one I took – until I pointed out tha she saw it on Snapchat, he he.

Check out my first ever DIY video below explaining how easy this is to do and how it will add a magical eel to your space!

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