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April 15, 2016
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I already know I need to go back to Shanghai for DIsneyland! Our stay in Shanghai was the shortest and I wish it had been longer – I mean, I wish I could have stayed in our hotel forever!

Shanghai is just as incredible as we see in all the photos! On arrival we went to another Indian Restaurant which looked over the Bund (waterfront) and it was just breathtaking. I’m also pretty certain we spotted a bit of the castle from Disneyland in the distance when we drove into the city –  can neither confirm nor dey this, haha.

I actually regret not purchasing some Love Live! School Idol Project light novels I saw- they were 50 Yen each. Not the cheapest thing in the world for something not in English but still something I could never get here. :( Boo!

We went to Ninjang Road (the 5th Avenue of Asia) and wow, it was busy! It was so huge! There were so many different types of stores! From an M&Ms store with Star Wars merch to an arcade and a little Disney section, there was so much to see and do. It was a 5 minute walk from our hotel which was a godsend!

My mom and I discovered such a cute bakery opposite our hotel and we went there everyday. I tried all the cool red bean paste baked goodies and we even had a doughnut which had custard in the center which really tasted like ice-cream – such heaven!

Shanghai was also where I really stocked up on all my Pocky! Gosh guys, I bought a crazy amount! I still can’t believe how much I bought.

The temples and gardens in Shanghai were just stunning! I quite enjyed learning how silk was made too – I bought a lotion that has silk and pearl extracts in it. I don’t think I want to use it, it’s so pretty!

Overall, our stay in Shanghai wasn’t long but I already know we need to go back! Also, hello, Disneyland opens in June!

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April 13, 2016
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After Beijing, we headed to Xi’an. I’m still so shocked that we could have nearly missed our flight. I noticed a pattern at all the airports: the boarding gates are never the same as on the boarding pass, why? It’s so odd how they never stick to it.

I judged Xi’an, I’ll be honest. People kept telling me it’s a city by the mountain and cold so I had this pre misconception that it would be boring… boy, was I wrong. When we arrived to our hotel in the evening I noticed all the bright lights and huge buildings around me – it had more of a Tokyo vibe (not that I’ve been to Japan). We even walked around some of the streets at 8pm, to see what was happening. Again, it was so safe.

Our hotel was next to a beautiful mall which had stores like DVF, Prada and such – amazing to look at! Our entire area was just full of so many shops and mini malls! My favourite was a mall that had a five-storey H&M where I got a number of items for Winter! I also really loved the MINISO shop – apparently a Japanese store which reminded me a lot of Typo. What I loved most about it was that everything was about 10 Yen, haha, How cheap!

Xi’an has a great balance of new and old. The Bell Tower for instance literally has a Zara store right next to it, quite funny. This was also the city where I tried Zinger pops at KFC and now have major FOMO that we don’t have it back in South Africa.

It rained during the one day my mom and I walked to shop, but I didn’t mind. It was such an experience to take everything in. In all honesty, Xi’an might have been my most favourite city out of the three. There was just so much of shopping to do! We bought a lot there and had to pay extra because our bags were overweight when we left for Shanghai… but so worth it!

Here are some photos from the beautiful city!

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