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Is Kylie Jenner the lead singer of Terror Jr?

November 8, 2016

There’s two things I love at the beginning of the week: 1. a good celebrity story and 2. news about Kylie Jenner – sometimes in that other, other times reversed. I mean, who doesn’t love the youngest Kardashian-Jenner?

So, I don’t need to re-hash the obvious, Kylie has her own cosmetics line. Sometime back she released some lip glosses and to promote it released a really cool music video “Glosses” starring herself and her friends as well as a song by a hot new group, Terror Jr. Seems normal, right? Well, the thing is, Terror Jr sure are… unusual. We don’t know who the lead singer is because her identity is a mystery and this group was never really heard of until Kylie’s lip gloss line. And another important detail, the singer’s voice is heavily auto-tuned so identifying who it is pretty much is impossible.

Basically, so many stories are now going around about the lead singer being Kylie! To be honest, I wouldn’t mind because Terror Jr’s EP Bop City is literally lit – so good! With so many ‘clues’ being picked up by media, I decided to take a look at this and see how accurate or far off it could all be.

The mysterious identity: I mean, I wouldn’t put this past Kylie. She’s well aware of her popularity and has even said a few times she wishes to be more ‘normal’. If I were her, I’d go undercover too if I were keen to start a music career because it would skip the automatic judgement just based on your surname. Also, we all remember Kim’s failed attempt at a singing career.

Terror Jr didn’t exist before: their social media accounts launched the day Kylie’s glosses music video was revealed. They only follow one person: Kylie Jenner.

She’s expressed her love for music: it’s no surprise that Kylie has a good ear for music and enjoys singing too – her voice isn’t bad at all if you’ve heard it on her SnapChat.

The Grape love: Yes, this could just be a coincidence but Kylie Jenner LOVES grapes and Terror Jr did do an interview with Teen Vogue where there answers were all simply grape emojis.

The verdict? As much as we’d like to assume the vocals could be provided by any one of Kylie’s talented musical friends, I’d like to believe she is indeed Lisa Terror. There’s no denying, her team are good at spinning stories so if she decides to stay clear from this spotlight she can easily have someone else take the credit. Though, I really hope she, herself does confirm this. Imagine watching Kylie on tour – I’d love it! Granted, I’ve seen reports about Lisa Terror possibly being a singer named Lisa Vitale too. Only time will tell… or never. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the interim, take a look at the music video I kept referencing below.

Celebrities, Opinions

Why we love King Kylie

February 27, 2016

I was never the hugest Kardashian/Jenner fan. I used to quite like Kim Kardashian until I felt she no longer really relatable as before. Khloe remains a favourite because I think out of the entire Klan she is the most down-to-earth and real. Though to be honest, I think she can be a bit too harsh with her sisters and mom at times. I mean, have you heard how she tells her mom, Kris off at times? Still adore her regardless. It’s hard to hate her for that because she normally does retract and apologise.

Anyway, this isn’t about Khloe – I’ll talk about her on another day. Lately I’ve realised that I can’t quite get enough of Kylie Jenner. I used to think I was more of a fan of Kendall’s but I have to give it to Kylie, the girl knows how to pull an audience. I’m one of her 10 million followers on SnapChat and I can’t get enough of her snaps! Everyday I find myself loading her story to watch. What is it that’s drawn me to Kylie? I couldn’t quite pinpoint one main aspect but I do love the consistency of her brand and find some of her business decisions to be pretty motivating.

It’s easy to write-off the youngest Jenner-Kardashian as wanting to just grab at attention, but you have to give her props for garnering such an engaged audience. I thought it would be fun to share with you all a few of the reasons I can’t get enough of King Kylie lately.

1. Style: what I like about Kylie is she always tries new looks. One minute she’s in a girly outfit and in another she looks like a total rock star. Overall her style is more edgy than her sisters and I love it. Even when it comes to her hair, yes,  she wears many different wigs but it still is a fun element of hers to watch.

2. Beauty: make-up is something we all know Kylizzle loves. Sure, she isn’t one for the au natural look when going out but regardless I have discovered so many fun little tips and tricks thanks to her. I mean, she makes the matte lipstick vibe look like perfection.


3. Branding: looking for brand creativity? Kylie’s your girl. She has got it down to a T. From her app to clothing to lip kits and nail polish, she knows what’s up. Yes, she has a team helping but she has major input behind all her projects and it’s evident because across all her happenigs, her brand stays consistent. I mean, just look at her new mobile game with her sister, kendall, I love it.

4. Personality: Kylie gets slammed by the media often, but when you lok at the facts, she seems to be quite a grounded person when it comes to family and friends. You always seeing her hang out with her family and we’ve literally watched her grow up with the same friend circle. Throughout her success and fame her inner circle has stayed the same which in reality you realise speaks volumes. She hasn’t changed much as a person ultimately I would say. I also quite admire how she stands up for others and has given out many opportunities to young people around her. Big ups tot he King!


5. Overall: in a nutshell there is just something about Kylie that draws me to like her and watch her every move. From her branding to persona, there’s so much to discover and pick up from her. It’s interesting to see because this is realistically only the beginning of everything. I feel she may have potential to override the success we’ve seen with Kim as well as Khloe and Kourtney.


Any other King Kylie fans out there? Tell me what you think of her by tweeting me @MishGov or snapping me: MishGovender.