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Oh Hi Huawei

May 31, 2015
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I really, really wanted this little welcome post for my new Huawei gadget to be a video, but alas, things don’t always turn out as planned. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (as you should) then you probably know that a week or so back I received a surprise from the team over at Jet Cellular! They were very kind enough to gift me a Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0! A cute and compact tablet of sorts, I was absolutely delighted!

The first thing I noticed with the tablet was how pretty it was! To quote the Huawei website, the T1 8.0 is inspired by “the soft and elegant shape of a Swan’s wings” – well that was a win with me instantly! I already own an Apple iPad so I am quite keen to venture away from my usual tablet to see what the fuss is with Huawei… which there is quite a lot to be honest.

With the T1 8.0 being so small, thin and light I’ve decided to swop it out for my iPad to truly give it a chance and see what it’s like. I’m quite excited to find out how it pairs up to my iPad for drawing, reading and watching a ton of YouTube videos. Currently I have loved it for reading because it’s a breeze to hold it in one hand – y’know me, totally lazy so the simpler the better I say. Continue Reading…


How Afrihost restored my love for blogging

March 9, 2015

The irony, last Sunday I posted something about seeking inspiration and getting back into blogging… an hour after posting that my blog disappeared! If you follow me on Twitter, you know what happened; if not, read my slightly pitiful and really drawn out story below.

My blog was deleted for about 36 hours at the start of last week. One minute I was scheduling content, the next my posts, pages and portions of my site were no longer appearing and it seemed to have just vanished. I gave it the evening but when I woke up on Monday morning and realised that now I had a very alarming zero staring back at me when I looked through my website’s dashboard, I had a mini heart attack. I contacted Afrihost’s support team via email whilst their team on Twitter tried to keep me from losing it, but to no avail because they said it was fixed when in reality, nothing was reflecting.

At this time, I had not gone too vocal on social but I was starting to get really annoyed that there were no results being shown after a lot of back-and-forth via email. I started tweeting Afrihost in the evening and even though they reassured me that they escalated it to their critical team, I wasn’t feeling very optimistic after three failed attempts at restoring the backups of my website that I obtained. Sigh, it was pretty much torture. After five years of work, it looked as if it was time to say goodbye to that chapter and start a new. I will not even lie, I practically bawled my eyes out that evening as the sad realisation slowly sunk in.

Come Tuesday morning it really looked like my blog was gone and I was in a pretty bleak mental state. I’m pretty sure a few people thought an actual person died, but I did really feel like a part of me died because I had invested a lot of time on this site – even if I did take crazy long breaks over the last year.

Long story short, Afrihost were right and this was escalated to their critical care team where one of their team members, Michael assisted me. Michael was absolutely wonderful and patient with me and my dilemma. He gave me some good advice and actually acknowledged my sentimental feelings towards my blog because some people did not quite grasp why I was really so sad about potentially losing my blog. In under an hour and a half, Michael had my website back up and running that evening! He even followed up with me the day after which I was grateful for. Shout out to Michael: you really saved the day. He is probably the best person I’ve ever had to contact at Afrihost. I wish I could recommend him to everyone because seriously, I’ve never had such a positive experience when dealing with something so insane as possibly losing everything I’ve worked on.

I had quite a few people at the office ask me about what happened. So thank you to my lovely friends Rikashni and Chantelle who kept reminding me to keep the hope and that it would be fine. Riks treated me to lovely cinnamon and apple tea as well as some chocolate because it was really needed. To my fellow Harry Potter friend, Heath who gave me a serious reminder of making sure to properly update my site regularly – weekly even – and suggested a few others things I must remember to do. And to Coetzee who offered something related to coding my own database which in all honesty, confused me but I appreciated it! I had a ton of other friends giving me hugs during the day like Mo, offering to bring me things to make me feel better and were just generally super sweet towards me during my very melancholic moments. Thank you everyone. You were lovely and each of you need a big Baymax hug!

Thanks again to Michael from Afrihost! I’ve learned from this and will never ever be put back in this situation again. Talk about a wake-up call and a push I needed to get back into blogging! It was all weirdly motivating in a strange, twisted way. Thanks to Thirosha for pushing me to write about this too – you rock my friend.

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