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#FORDNFS Let’s talk Need For Speed the movie

March 13, 2014
I was invited to attend the Need For Speed special screening on Tuesday evening by the always epic Ford brand – actually, by the super incredible Ensley. Let me try to put into words how I felt about attending:
“OHEMGEE! Need For Speed movie! Oh my God! Loved the Games! Oh my heck, NITRO! Tribal designs! Need For Speed! Lil Jon! THEY MADE IT INTO A MOVIE!!!”
Yeah, that’s how I pretty much felt. I grew up playing the games – when i finished NFS: Underground it felt like a true accomplishment. Seriously, have you raced some of the computer opponents? they’re helluva good! Okay, back to the launch.
It was lovely! I did not take any photos sadly because I did not have my camera. The atmosphere and food was fantastic. Apparently the mini burgers that were served were uh-ma-zing! i also spotted some of my friends including El Broide and Leeroy Wright who always make me laugh. I saw one of my favourite publicists in the world and mother to a future president, Melanie (aka @Hypress) and I also FINALLY met my twitter friend @DaniGeyer – yay!
When we went into the cinema I was so surprised at the effort in making the expereince an all round incredible one. On every seat was a box of popcorn, 3D glasses and a choice of candy (slabs of chocolate or jelly sweets – everyone traded for what they wanted, haha). Speeches were given and we were told no cameras were allowed.
I don’t want to give anyspoilers so I’ll keep my thoughts on the movie short. The opening scene was amazing because I felt I was in the game! Why? Because they used the EXACT same race route and map as in the game. trust me, I remember – I used to play one route atleast a hundred times to get a good score. Sigh, nostalgia.
So, I found the movie a great visual treat but the story did not tie in very well within itself. There were many loopholes. But heck, I just wanted to feel like I was in a NFS game! Overall though, even with a not so great plot, the movie was great.
You all should go and watch it!

Goodbye Tata Madiba

December 16, 2013

There are so many ways I wanted to write this post. From the wonderful kids I met after they paid tribute at Sandton (above) to the late former head of state, Nelson Mandela to actually not even writing a post – I thought it would have been best. I still cannot believe the world’s greatest man and leader is no more.

I’ve been tweeting several quotes but mainly retweeting all the news of Madiba’s passing. I have been doing so much related to his passing at work that I felt it would be best to leave my own thoughts out and away from my blog. I recently reviewed the beautiful Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie and interviewed the director, Justin Chadwick.

Words actually cannot sum up the amount of respect I held for this man as well as gratitude. He saved South Africa, he saved us. Without him, I probably would not be writing this post or even trying to reach my dreams – goals, dreams and aspirations were near non-existent for people of colour in the old South Africa. It’s amazing to think that Apartheid was really just the other day.

I always wanted to meet Madiba, but sadly never did.. I, as well as the rest of the youth, will continue to keep his legacy alive. He may be gone physically, but his spirit will forever live on in this country, as well as the world. After 27 years in prison and actively changing a nation, he is finally at peace.

Thank you for existing and teaching us so much.

We will always love you Tata Madiba, may you Rest in Peace.