April 2, 2013
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Have I ever told you guys that I love Demi Lovato? I love her style. I love her music. I love her personality and I am inspired by her life story.With Demi recently announcing her return back to The X Factor as a judge and releasing a teaser for her new self-titled album releasing mid-May, I felt it fitting to talk about my adoration for one of Disney”s ex-teen princesses.

I am not going to sit here, type this out and tell you “OMG, I love Demi Lovato – always have and always will.”. I did not. When i first noticed her in Disney Channel’s Original Movie, Camp Rock I remember thinking “ugh, another little Disney princess – bleh”.

I enjoyed some of her music but still preferred Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. I watched Sonny With A Chance occasionally and started to have more ‘tolerance’ towards Demi. I Then really got in to her music and started to really like her. Then, as with the rest of the world, I was hit by shock when it was revealed that Demi Lovato was self-harming and suffering depression. Then she took a break.

I really hoped she was not going down the same pathways Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes did. I grew to like her confidence and individuality. Luckily, Demi was on the road to a speedy recovery.She released her album ‘Unbroken’ and it was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all of her previous Disney work.

Her life became so much more relatable and I instantly developed a new found respect and admiration for her. I think of her struggles when I need motivation. She really is the symbol of determination and strength.

At such a young age she has achieved a lot as well as experienced a lot. She’s been through all sides of life, unbroken but rising up like a Skyscraper.

This is for Demi Lovato.

I can’t wait for May 14th.

PS: here is the album track listing.

1. Heart Attack

2. Made In The USA

3. Without the Love

4. Neon Lights

5. Two Pieces

6. Nightingale

7. In Case

8. Really Don’t Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)

9. Fire Starter

10.Something That We’re Not

11. Never Been Hurt

12. Shouldn’t Come Back

13. Warrior

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  • Reply Carrie April 6, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    I really love your blog and your style! Honestly, you are great! =)

    I love her too! She’s pretty cool.. Sweet music too!

    We should chat sometimes.. I have a few questions for you! Do you have Skype, Gtalk, Aim, or Yahoo?

  • Reply Chazz April 10, 2013 at 4:43 am

    hey mish! It’s been a while since I visited your site~ I have to agree with you about Demi. I always thought that she is just another Disney princess, but I got a chance to meet her during a press conference last two weeks, and that’s when my view about her changed. She is honest, and she totally inspires teenagers out there with her story. My students admire her so much and upon meeting her in person, I understand why my students idolise her.. I myself can’t wait for the album too ^^

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