#FORDNFS Let’s talk Need For Speed the movie

March 13, 2014
I was invited to attend the Need For Speed special screening on Tuesday evening by the always epic Ford brand – actually, by the super incredible Ensley. Let me try to put into words how I felt about attending:
“OHEMGEE! Need For Speed movie! Oh my God! Loved the Games! Oh my heck, NITRO! Tribal designs! Need For Speed! Lil Jon! THEY MADE IT INTO A MOVIE!!!”
Yeah, that’s how I pretty much felt. I grew up playing the games – when i finished NFS: Underground it felt like a true accomplishment. Seriously, have you raced some of the computer opponents? they’re helluva good! Okay, back to the launch.
It was lovely! I did not take any photos sadly because I did not have my camera. The atmosphere and food was fantastic. Apparently the mini burgers that were served were uh-ma-zing! i also spotted some of my friends including El Broide and Leeroy Wright who always make me laugh. I saw one of my favourite publicists in the world and mother to a future president, Melanie (aka @Hypress) and I also FINALLY met my twitter friend @DaniGeyer – yay!
When we went into the cinema I was so surprised at the effort in making the expereince an all round incredible one. On every seat was a box of popcorn, 3D glasses and a choice of candy (slabs of chocolate or jelly sweets – everyone traded for what they wanted, haha). Speeches were given and we were told no cameras were allowed.
I don’t want to give anyspoilers so I’ll keep my thoughts on the movie short. The opening scene was amazing because I felt I was in the game! Why? Because they used the EXACT same race route and map as in the game. trust me, I remember – I used to play one route atleast a hundred times to get a good score. Sigh, nostalgia.
So, I found the movie a great visual treat but the story did not tie in very well within itself. There were many loopholes. But heck, I just wanted to feel like I was in a NFS game! Overall though, even with a not so great plot, the movie was great.
You all should go and watch it!

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