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  1. Metrox says:

    Hey, Mish. Your site is really fun.. Can you link with me?

    Here is my blog:


    I already linked you out. Please put my blog on your blog roll.

  2. Bhairavi says:

    shall we be link exchanges?? I’ll lnk out on my affies section on my side bar…wat say? reply soon!

  3. Bhairavi says:

    thanks a lot Mish!!

  4. Veron says:

    Can we link exchange please? :)

  5. Revi says:

    Link exchange please :)?

  6. Bhairavi says:

    Hey Mish, my site has moved from co.cc to wordpress.com. the link is thedramaticsoul.wordpress.com. Will you plz change the link?

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