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I Look Like A Roast Chicken

December 6, 2011

Oh wow, this is my first blog for December and as usual, I’m going to start off with my complaints. I’m so tired. This must have been the longest weekend of my life that just passed. Deadmau5 was awesome and Prime Circle yesterday was painful!

Okay, let me rephrase the above; due to the insane heat and sun yesterday I got sun burnt. Seriously, I’m Indian for crying out loud and didn’t think it would be THIS bad? I’m like 548574 shades darker and have a red tinge to my skin. I look so bad. It’s so depressing.  I really just want it to fade away now and I will be so so happy. I don’t like my skin complexion to be any darker than it should be. I look like a roast chicken – that’s the best way to describe this – Like a Nando’s chicken to be precise. Well, regardless of that, my interview with Prime Circle was awesome – can’t wait to upload it!
In the mean time… why not see my interview with The Graeme Watkins Project? They’re one of my fave South African bands <3 I love the founder and singer, Graeme Watkins :D

I can’t wait to be on leave. Technically, I can’t wait for my long weekends. The company I work for does not close over a set period of time which kind of sucks but it can’t be helped. I’ve only been working here for under 6 months so don’t have much leave due to me. I took days off on like Fridays or Mondays to make for longer weekends instead of taking it all over one long period as my colleagues have done. I’m so clever… I tend to think. We are not going anywhere for Christmas so this just means I’ll be working and it will combat my boredom if I were at home.
This feels like such a short blog post.


Do you guys work? If yes, what work do you do and do you have leave for December? I’m seriously curious.

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Right-Click & View

November 24, 2011

I wish I could really right-click someone’s head, then I’d know why people are the way they are – maybe they were created in a silly .jpeg format instead of the perfect .png. I sometimes feel that I am surrounded by users; people who care very little about my existence but like to know me when they want something. From free concert tickets and merchandise to contact details and information. It can become so stressful and frustrating that it makes me want to just run away. It’s so hard to near impossible to find people who are interested in being my friend for me as a person and not for what I do.

I mean, sometimes I think that people are genuine at first but later they show their true colours. Recently, I’ve had such drama with a now ex-friend. I don’t want to go into details but I was justified in my indescribable anger. This ex-friend is one of the most two-faced and fake people I have ever come across. It saddens me because I was so nice to her but she can turn around and say ‘I see you have no desire on working on friendships in your life‘ – even though she was in the wrong. I’m often made out to look like I’m stuck-up, snobbish, and mean and a general ice princess. LOL, I believe it at times until I step back and think ‘but I do x, y and z for so-and-so’ – my kindness clearly gives people the impression that they can walk all over me. Not anymore. Seriously, I am so tired of it. I think I am getting used to having very, very few good friends.

December is going to be so busy… events, events and more events. I don’t have long period of leave from work, but rather odd days off including public holidays. A lot of people ask if I will be ‘working’ on my days off, public holidays and weekends; yes and no. Yes, because I will attend events, but no because attending events happens to be fun.  On the 4th of December my mom has plans so I was thinking of going to spend the day at Chris Saunders Park by Gateway mall and attend the performance by rock band, Prime Circle and supporting band, Red Light Stereo. I’ve done a short interview with RLS (which sadly did not get published) but not with Prime Circle (oh.em.gee they have over 200, 000 likes on Facebook!). I’ll see if I want to do an interview – if I can sort it out in a week and a half. I love South African music – apparently Prime Circle is great live!

Prime Circle

What are your plans for the December holidays?