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2016 Grammys Fashion

I was quite disappointed to not have seen some of my favourites at the 2016 Grammys – mainly Nicki Minaj, of course. I mean, even Rihanna had to cancel her performance on the day due to becoming really sick. They may have not been there, but the awards show was still great. A bit lackluster in some aspects but overall enjoyable.

I quite enjoyed everyone realising how wonderful Demi Lovato is and what a great voice she had. Lady Gaga gave us 2012 flashbacks with her David Bowie inspired outfit and can we have a moment for #Taylena (Taylor and Selena) going together to the show?

There were so many lovely looks on the evening, here are some of my favourites from the night!


Nicki Minaj is coming to South Africa

Remember that time I freaked out when Nicki Minaj was heading to SA for a music festival that never happened? Well, forget it. THE QUEEN IS OFFICIALLY COMING TO SOUTH AFRICA - and this time I'm 100% certain the event get cancelled because it's her The Pinkprint Tour! If you know me - or don't - chances are you are quite aware of my insane love for Onika Tanya Maraj. To this day, my love for her still puzzles many but I don't care. From makeup to nail polish to her perfumes, I literally own every piece of merchandise and album imaginable. Nicki is pretty much the only artist I so religiously spend my time and money on and have done since I was in high school back in 2009 (prior to her official 2010 debut). From Mixtape Minaj to worldwide Nicki, I've been through every sage of her career and...

Best South African Interviews

I always get asked about who is my favourite person to interview. The truth is, everyone is. There's always someone who brings a little charm and fun to the table (except for that one fashion designer I adored who gave me one word answers - shame on you). I always enjoy each and every interview but of course some stand out a bit more than others. Due to the amount of incredible individuals and groups I've interviewed from across the globe and back to Africa, I decided to divide this into two parts: local and international. I hope you enjoy reading this first instalment which focuses on our awesome local names making us proud and inspiring us each day! Debora Patta: of course. Did you guys expect anything less from me? My fist ever interviewee remains my favourite. From shaking due to nerves and somehow not making too many mistakes, Debora was...

2015 Teen Choice Awards Fashion

Yup, of course I had to do a quick post on my favourite looks from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards – one of FOX’s most awesome live offerings! No lies, I’ve had the TCAs’ Snapchat (follow me: MishGovender) on a constant repeat – one day I want to be there, sigh.

I love the TCAs because the best in Young Hollywood turn up to play from Disney Channel stars to great singers, it always seems like such a party! This year I quite enjoyed following Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale and Girl Meets World’s Sabrina Carpenter’s journey to the TCAs – I want Lucy’s eyebrows, please!

I was quite disappointed by Alli Simpson and Zendaya’s looks this year – they normally are always on point. Oh well, I am sure they won’t disappoint at the next awards show.

Check out some of my favourite fashion from FOX’s 2015 Teen Choice Awards Show below!

Zendaya to play Aaliyah

So, as we all know now, Disney darling Zendaya Coleman will be portraying Aaliyah in a new Lifetime movie about her tragically short life. I, personally, couldn't ask for a better young actress to portray the legendary music star. Though, on the internet, not everybody feels the same way. Many people are questioning whether Zendaya has the acting ability, vocal talent and maturity for the role. I lieveshe does. Some have gone as far to say she is too fair for the role! Ultimately, I don't believe skin tone should play such a big deal. Sure, she has starred in Disney Channel shows and movies, but so did a ton of other really great actors and actresses. Should I name a few? Justin Timberlake, and America Ferrera. Judging her for having her break on Disney is probably one of the silliest things a couch critic could do. Zendaya is Hollywood's current fashion 'it' girl...

2014 Oscars Fashion Recap

Who watched the 2014 Oscars live last night? I did, due to having to do a live blog for work on DStv.com. I could not sleep so I decided to catch the live red carpet on E! instead. I love watching Giuliana Rancic interview all of the celebs – as you all know, I really look up to her. She looked like an absolute princess and her dress was definitely a top favourite of mine for the night. I also thought the Oscar winning, Lupita Nyong’o looked incredible too.

As always, I gathered some photos from around the interwebz of my fave outfits of the night to share with you guys Check them out after the jump!

2014 Golden Globes Awards Fashion

The 2014 Golden Globes happened yesterday/this morning (depending on where in the world you live). I would really love to one day attend this awards show because a number of the best actors, performers and industry professionals are in attendances. One day, right?
Well, of course I was absolutely excited to see who wore what and such – as we all normally are. Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful as she usually does (I definitely need to do a blog post specifically about her). Modern Family co-stars, Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland (who went for some extra bold brows) looked stunning. Taylor Swift can do no wrong on the red carpet and she looked like a modern-day princess as always. Then, there was Emma Watson; great dress colour but the style was a bit questionable… I was not too keen on what she wore at all – were you?
I grabbed a few photos from across the media interwebz for you guys – find them after the jump.
What did you thing about the fashion on the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet? Loved it or hated it?

Ali Lohan to Pursue a Music Career?

When word got out that Lindsay Lohan's young sister, Aliana 'Ali' Lohan would be getting back into music, I was so excited! In 2008 when I was 15 years old she released a single All The Way Around which I loved but sadly I don't recall her album ever coming out afterwards. Oh wait, let's not forget about Lohan Holiday (Google it if you have no idea about what I'm talking about - most South Africans won't). Three weeks ago Ali uploaded a YouTube video of her singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Seriously, she did an incredible job! Her voice has definitely improved a lot from a few years ago when she was very young: it's a lot more mature and stronger. She reminds me of Lorde and Adele and maybe a bit of Gabrielle Cilmi too. I wish she would cover a few of my favourite songs like maybe Roar...

Ariana Grande x Cosmopolitan

You all know I love Ariana Grande – before she got so huge and now everyone’s like ‘omg, I totally love her!’. I really enjoy her music; she’s got a beautiful voice and I adore her style. I’m so happy she landed two major magazine covers for February 2014: Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She look icredible in Cosmo so I decided to share the photos below. I can’t wait to read the interview with her even though it’s a tad bit dated because she’s no longer with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.
More photos after the jump. #TeamAri


Have I ever told you guys that I love Demi Lovato? I love her style. I love her music. I love her personality and I am inspired by her life story.With Demi recently announcing her return back to The X Factor as a judge and releasing a teaser for her new self-titled album releasing mid-May, I felt it fitting to talk about my adoration for one of Disney"s ex-teen princesses. I am not going to sit here, type this out and tell you "OMG, I love Demi Lovato - always have and always will.". I did not. When i first noticed her in Disney Channel's Original Movie, Camp Rock I remember thinking "ugh, another little Disney princess - bleh". I enjoyed some of her music but still preferred Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. I watched Sonny With A Chance occasionally and started to have more 'tolerance' towards Demi. I Then really got in to her...