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Vlog: Schuks! Pay Back the Money!

This is about to be a #FlashbackFriday post in a sense but in reality… isn’t. Does that make sense? Most probably not. About two weeks back you may have seen that I attended the premiere of Leon Schuster’s new movie, Schuks! Pay Back the Money! courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Africa. Yes guys, Disney does a lot more than just, well, you know… their own movies and shows. Many people actually don’t know that Disney owns quite a lot within the industry and distribute many titles BUT that’s a story for another day where I educate you on how truly vast Disney’s reach is. So, I went for the premiere and it was such fun! The premiere happened at Ster-Kinekor at Sandton City. It was so busy and there was food everywhere which of course made Yentl, Ashlee and myself very happy. Prior to the premiere we headed to Mugg &...

Special screening of Disney’s Descendants

Yesterday was such fun: I spent the morning at Montecasino enjoying a special screening of Disney’s Descendants courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Africa/The Disney Channel and then a wonderful few hours catching up with my friend, Chantelle. It was such a great time I was even able to ignore how my hair decided to go curly practically 5 minutes after leaving the house ~ SIGH.

Before I get into the proceedings of today, I’d like to make a bit of an embarrassing confession… I thought this event was last week Saturday. I was literally ready to request my Uber and leave last Saturday morning when something prompted me to take a look at the invite again to only realise I was a week late. The ironic part is that the day prior I got in touch with one of the lovely Disney team members and he was in Cape Town and I thought ‘Hmm, if they’re still in CT, how are they doing an event tomorrow?’ – well, now I know why. Major silly moment – I assume stress is getting the better of me lately.

I loved the Disney decor for the screening at the Il Grande at Montecasino. There were huge half-eaten apples in corners, screens with promos for the movie, a red carpet, a green screen and food for days! I’m still a bit confused at something I ate: it looked like a cake pop, but was actually fruit covered in chocolate on a stick. I know I shouldn’t have been disappointed but it was too late to go and get a cupcake, ha ha. Guys, the decor really was on another level… someone thought of using fruit as decorations! The more obvious options were fruit skewers placed prettily on tables – that was lovely. No, but what really got me – still has – was how they took orange slices and put it in these glass bowls! I don’t know, I was just really impressed at how cool it looked. Simplicity impresses me, what can I say.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The movie itself was awesome! Okay, I will admit here, I was ever so slightly skeptical about it mainly because I didn’t want it to look like a cosplay come to life on-screen. Of course, I was wrong. I already was quite in love with the songs prior to seeing the movie, and seeing what a high budget there clearly was, I’m glad they met my expectations and more. Then again, this was directed by Kenny Ortega of High School Musical-fame, so there would of course be tons on offer to impress. Gosh, and we need a moment for BooBoo Stewart’s hair in this movie – beautiful! Can I also say that this reminded me a lot of Once Upon a Time – a show I love! It felt like watching a classic Disney movie with a modern twist – it gave me all the feelings. I will write a full review and some other fun details about Disney’s Descendants closer to the premiere date of it on the Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) on 18 September.

The screening was major fun with little kids everywhere – something rare to be around but fun! My friend and colleague, Molebatsi also came through with her two adorable little girls and their cute little friend. Batsi didn’t sit with us but it was quite an inspiring sight to see her handle these three excited kids all on her own – this is why she’s been coined as a supermom: she takes care of everything perfectly. Her girls were little dreams and I just wanted to hug them every minute!

Thank you Disney Africa for yet another fun event – you guys never disappoint! I’m going to end this post with some random selfies which are pretty blurry (Maybe I’m starting a new trend? Probably not… ooooh WELL – I’m counting down the days until I get my iPhone). Look out for the Disney’s Descendants review coming very, very soon! Is it too soon to be hoping for a sequel? if the news online is anything to go by… you never know!

Disney, friends, and fun

I had every intention of being early for The Walt Disney Company Africa content showcase event… alas, I was not. How disappointing, right? After getting something important done and requesting my Uber at 08:00, I was stuck on ONE ROAD for 45 minutes in Fourways. 45 minutes. Sigh. I must commend Xavier from Uber, because I understood the issue with the traffic and pleaded that we get to Rosebank by at least 09:30 (registration for Disney ended then) and well he did! YAY! By the time I waited for Yentl to arrive and for us to get through the traffic to The Venue at Melrose Arch where everything was taking place, it was 09:55… I’M SO SORRY DISNEY! I was an hour late. :( There was Disney decor everywhere - it was simply wonderful! Of course, rushing in and such, I didn't get to admire everything or take photos. We missed the...

#TBT: Delicious Doings

Aaah, last week Saturday. Saturday was one of the longest days of my life related to an event, but definitely one of the most fun too. I was at the DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival, presented by Nedbank event for work. Basically I was there to do a few interviews and help out where I could with the rest of the team and our video team. It was an absolute blast!

Delicious is a decadent and exciting fusion of food and music so there is something for everyone to enjoy on the day. There was a great line-up of local and international artists performing but I was most excited for the food talent which included UK chef Reza Mahammad from Food Network as well as some of our best local Food Network chefs, Jenny Morris and Siba Mtongana.

Our day started super early with the team arriving at work at around 9am for us to head off together to the event which was about 20 or 30 minutes away. Of course the drive there was endless fun with us having a bunch of awesome conversations that had me laughing a ton. 

The actual day was super long and freezing cold but enjoyable. From getting side eyed in a certain area we were not meant to be in to running across the event location to charge the camera batteries and all the famous faces we passed, it was an unforgettable day – definitely one for the books! At some point though I think I zoned out just before Chaka Khan’s performance because – let me say it again – I WAS FREEZING COLD! I will never get used to Winter in JHB. Never ever.

Cotton On Opens at Gateway + Win Vouchers

Guess what… one of my favourite Australian brands, Cotton On is arriving this week at Gateway Theatre of Shopping! Being from Durban, Gateway was like a second home to me and knowing Cotton On will soon have a new home at this wonderland of shopping makes my heart quite happy! The store opens up on 12 December and with me heading on holiday there for three weeks very soon, I know what I will be doing! Fun fact: the Gateway Cotton On branch will be the LARGEST store of theirs in the world. Can we have a moment for this, please? How incredible is that! The store will be a grand 2,368 metres and will have your favourite collections including brands like Cotton On, Cotton On Body, FREE by Cotton On, Cotton On Kids and Rubi Shoes. The new store will reflect the brand’s updated brand look and will represent Cotton On’s future...

Wild Orchid at Forever New

Last week I attended the Forever New collection unveiling event with my sister and lovely friend from work, Chantelle. The collection is called Wild Orchid and has a beautiful palette of pinks and blues which I adore plus the signature Forever New floral.

The event, as always, was a pretty and lovely setting at the Sandton City branch. Most collections are worn by models but Forever New chose a great group of women to showcase the clothing this time around. Some of these women are actually friends of mine such as the uber-cool Sureshnie from 5FM and queen of PR Melanie Ramgee. I also loved seeing Allegro, Mokgads and Roxy Burger amongst the other Wild Orchids for the night.

Many macaroons and mocktails (and singing Love is An Open Door from Frozen with Sush) later, I must say, Forever New always throws a perfect gathering! I’m still not too sure how I missed so many of my Twitter friends (like LadyZaa and Le1ghLo) at the event, but there will definitely be a next time! Perhaps it was due to the many DSLR selfies being taken by Chants and I – who has time for phone selfies anyway. 😉

Speaking of Chantelle (otherwise now known as Demi Lovato/Ariana Grande/Selena Gomez), she’ll be starting her blogging journey very soon and I’m so excited to share her blog link with you! After many discussions at her desk, I can’t wait to be seeing her content which will be a good mix of indie music, fashion, beauty and hopefully some type of Asian influence (ie: manga, anime and k-pop/j-pop) that got us to become friends.

I want everything in the latest Forever New collection and with the 15% discount offered during the night, it was tempting. Alas, I did not come out with anything – except for the super pretty purse that came in the gift bag. I think I’ll be heading to Forever New soon though to grab a piece or two from the collection – LOVE IT!

Make sure to head to your closest Forever New store to take a look at the wonderful collection, Wild Orchid! Here are some photos from the event that I took.

Michelle Govender and Chantelle Matthews

Nicki Minaj to perform in South Africa

Yes, you read right! The Queen of Hip Hop is coming to SA for the Tribe One Festival! I've been following the updates about the festival's line-up for a while now, getting more and more excited as bigger names were being announced. Though...


How a Press Conference Works

Okay guys, so, you may or may not know that I am going to the Kendrick Lamar #MillerBoomTown press conference this coming weekend! I find pressers way more exciting than the concerts - perhaps I'm just really boring. I mean, where else can you sit in the same room with an international artist and get to ask them any question you want to, right? I decided to vlog the whole expereince because since after I did a video with my friend, Preven I have been so absorbed in the thought of regularly creating videos for YouTube. I took a huge break from all of this and now I'm back and want to show you more media and fun things you don't normally see - heck, I don't even see half of these things all the time myself. The press conference will be happening at a beautiful hotel with tons of media in...

INECTO PLUS Officially Announces New Face of the Brand

Yesterday I attended a beautiful event at the Suncoast Towers Hotel. It was a midday event where Gail Mabalane (The Wild, Rockville) was welcomed as the Ambassador for hair brand, Inecto PLUS. It was such a beautiful, sunny day - as we all know, Durban has no idea what Winter is. Bloggers, media and special guests were invited to the event. There was a beautiful setup of flowers, canapes and models donning the latest Inecto PLUS colours. I loved the trees and greenery surrounding us that added to the ambiance of beauty and intimacy. I enjoyed meeting old and new friends. I was so happy to see one of my favourite radio DJs, Zaba Simbine who looked lovely in an orange dress as well as the country's most well-known publicists, Melanie Ramjee who invited me to the event. My mother accompanied me to the event - she loves fashion and beauty so...

Do The Dew & WIN

To start: I really like the Mountain Dew soft drink. YUM. This April, some of South Africa’s finest tertiary education institutes will play host to the Dew Tour Bootcamp (courtesy of Mountain Dew). This electrifying and adrenaline pumping series of action sports events will showcase some of the country’s finest skate and BMX athletes. The tour will take place from April 23rd to May 8th 2013. The Dew Tour Bootcamp, which is a first in South Africa, will see an impressive collection of professional action sport athletes travelling around the country, to entertain and educate fans looking to get into action sports. The Dew Tour Bootcamp will visit universities including the University of Pretoria, Varsity College Sandton, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Cape Town and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as the Durban Beachfront Skate Park. For more information please visit www.dothedew.co.za , our Facebook page, YouTube or follow us...