Happy New Year, Happy New Decade! Wow, how are we even in 2020? Wasn't it just the other day that this felt a lifetime away...

I'll be using the month of January to post uplifting, inspiring content as we work towards owning this year. My new year motto? Be more mindful, be more intentional.

Stay great and pushing towards what you want. <3
Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!~

Hello, 2020


Hello world, hello 2020. It’s been a minute since I was last around these parts. While I missed it, it was hard to come back when my attention had to be elsewhere. I won’t get into it, but with a new year here it’s time to make time for everything I want, and more.


How are you entering the new year? Are you setting goals or perhaps just being spontaneous? For myself I’ve decided to have an overarching theme for the year: to be more intentional. I want a lot of what I decide to do to lean back towards what this means: have a purpose; have a specific reason.


What exactly is being intentional? Here are some mental notes that I had floating around: 


  • Be more mindful of what I share online – I want to aspire others to be inspired to push for their dreams.
  • Re-discover my passions, because over the years I’ve become content and I’d love for more than anything to have the drive and commitment I had when I was 16, 17 and 18 years old.
  • Save more, spend wise.
  •  Consume content on a more regular basis where I find a takeaway from the articles, lists, books and videos I come into contact with.
  • Be healthier: mentally and physically. We need to make ourselves a priority.


To be honest, this really is the tip of the iceberg but the overall idea is to get back to a space of constant inspiration and growth. I say this often, but I’m not getting younger, so as the years go by I’ve realised the importance of becoming more conscious of how I go about things. Have I put much effort before into this? Minimal I’d say, but there’s no time like the presence to choose to focus more.


Becoming more intentional sees that I find strong reasoning to pursue any of the above points and others. Answering the questions of how and why I want to do something allows me to reflect on if it’s a worthwhile allocation of my time.


With that, I hope you’ve also given some thought about how you’d like to see 2020 play out. Whether it’s small steps or improvement or far bigger goals, I hope you reach the end of the year content, happy and proud. All the best for the next year – which also happens to be a leap year!

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