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How a Press Conference Works

How a Press Conference Works

Okay guys, so, you may or may not know that I am going to the Kendrick Lamar #MillerBoomTown press conference this coming weekend! I find pressers way more exciting than the concerts – perhaps I’m just really boring. I mean, where else can you sit in the same room with an international artist and get to ask them any question you want to, right?

I decided to vlog the whole expereince because since after I did a video with my friend, Preven I have been so absorbed in the thought of regularly creating videos for YouTube. I took a huge break from all of this and now I’m back and want to show you more media and fun things you don’t normally see – heck, I don’t even see half of these things all the time myself.

The press conference will be happening at a beautiful hotel with tons of media in comparison to prior conferences I have attended in Durban which are a lot smaller. I thought I’d break it all down to you how a press conference works – some of you may have seen tweets about telephonic press conferences I have had with some Disney stars too once upon a time. I think it would be fun to educate you guys and maybe someone reading this is interested in celebrity reporting so will find this useful.

How a press conference works:
1. You receive an invite from a celebrity or event publicist and make certain to RSVP in time otherwise, no RSVP no eye contact with the celebrity sadly.
2. Before the conference, I research the celebrity and literally end up on Google search results page number 101. I like having a long list of questions even though I may ask two because other media might beat me to asking the question – we don’t want that.
3. On the day of the conference I make certain my camera, iPad and phone is charged. I carry a notebook and bottle of water, too.
4. Before entering the conference you normally have to state you are there and the organizers confirm your attendance and give you any media tags if neccessary.
5. Basically I like to sit in the front when possible. The organizer or publicist welcomes everyone and explains who is on the panel for the day (including the celebrity and brand managers) after which the floor is open to ask questions. When asking a question you state your name, position and media outlet you work for.

I think I covered everything! I hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit about the process when it comes to certain interviews. If you have any questions for Kendrick Lamar, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

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  • February 3, 2014

    All the best for the press conference Mish!

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