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Meeting Raven-Symoné

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you probably have no clue that I met Raven-Symoné yesterday! Yes guys, the iconic Raven from That’s So Raven was in South Africa! Rae was here for a press tour because Raven’s Home has a second season premiering on Disney Channel on DStv Channel 303 on Monday 8 October at 16:50.


It’s no surprise that I’m pretty much South Africa’s resident Disney Devotee while getting you the major scoop with exclusive interviews and info as often as I can. This has definitely been the cherry on the cake when it comes to supporting the Disney Africa team.


I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with Raven, conducting two interviews: one during a round table and another for my day job. My round table will be part of an upcoming podcast episode later this week – watch out for it.


What is it like meeting Raven-Symoné? I’m giving you my first impressions below! 


  • Raven has such an infectious energy about her. You instantly know that your iconic childhood idol is in the room, but you’re totally drawn to her. She literally has a way to capture your attention – I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been in the industry for 29 years!


  • Perhaps it’s because we all grew up with watching her on so many television shows that you kinda low-key feel as if you already know her! Also, she’s super friendly so you’d be forgiven for just chatting away with her.


  • She’s radiant! Like I mentioned above, Rae has an energy you can’t quite describe except to feel it on your own. Her vibes can totally be felt and she’s simple beautiful in person. Rae can rock a red lip!


  • Raven knows how to make a joke – and make you wonder if she was serious or not. Multiple times during my second interview she cracked and a joke but my nerves made me question if she was serious – she laughed and ensured she was just kidding. Okay Rae, I’ll totally be ready next time we have the pleasure to meet!


  • Professional is an understatement to describe her incredible work ethic! Diva tendencies are something you wouldn’t associate with her and her level of delivery makes you wish you could match her level. She aced everything I requested her to do perfectly and I envy her quick brain to remember lines she’s never seen before – I can barely remember a simple line for a video intro!


  • She’s fun to be around. While I wouldn’t describe us besties because I must have spent just under two hours with her, I wish I could be. I’d love to pique her brain on so many topics that extend out of the Disney realm – maybe one day?


  • Art is definitely a passion! We got to see some of what she’s worked on and we both discussed how we use our iPads to create our various artistic creations – hers being painting, mine with my cartoon styles.


Overall, the experience was absolutely wonderful. There’s tons more to share but you’ll hear some of it in the podcast and upcoming blog posts, so watch out.

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