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How are we in 2019 already? Where has all the time gone by? It just feels that at times things go by in such a blur.

I don't want to set resolutions for the year, but rather mini-goals and challengers for myself. I may share some of my thoughts late on in the month to finally have a senseof accountability as I read back on this blog.

Stay great and pushing towards what you want. <3

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Mish Meets: Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena

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Whenever I’m asked about who my favourite local artist is, I always choose Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena. She’s a talented rapper and serves the style every single moment she steps out. That’s why I was super amped to finally be meeting her. For those not in the know, I always draw comparison between her and Nicki Minaj – mainly due to her skill as a MC and her general personality. Plus, we all know how much I absolutely adore Nicki so if I’m comparing the two, it’s a HUGE compliment.


When it came to the next episode of The Dish with Sips and Mish, I knew we wanted to talk about Awards Season and naturally we decided on the 2018 Grammys. Deciding who would join us as a guest, Moozlie seemed to be the obvious perfect choice: not only is she an incredible hip-hop artist but she hosts V-Entertainment weekly on Vuzu Amp which meant she loves celebrity culture too!


So, what is Moozlie like in real life? Firstly, she’s just as tall as you’d guess (compared to my vertically challenged self), has an effortless cool-factor about her and is really sweet and approachable – oh and she’s a fan of Cardi B too, 10 points! Considering we were on her home territory – the V-Entertainment set – there was some slight nerves, but realising how chilled she is helped everything. After the entire shoot we fawned over Steve Madden and expressed our excitement for her album. Basically Nomuzi was absolutely so sweet and really made the entire experience so great!

Interviewing media personalities is something we do often, but I must say that this was one of my utmost favourite interviews. It was conversational and fun which I think will translate incredibly in the final project. I’m totally keen to talk to Moozlie again! Next time perhaps we can rap parts of Recipe or Getting Cash!
Watch the special episode below:

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