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Stay home, stay safe!

Nicki Minaj to perform in South Africa

Nicki Minaj to perform in South Africa

Yes, you read right! The Queen of Hip Hop is coming to SA for the Tribe One Festival! I’ve been following the updates about the festival’s line-up for a while now, getting more and more excited as bigger names were being announced. Though… I didn’t expect this, ever!



The Tribe One Festival is taking place in Tshwane (Pretoria) in Spetember and I’m definitely planning to go! I’m so excited right now that I’m thinking of maybe getting some coverage for you all… How fantastic would that be?
In the meantime, for more details on the festival and current line-up, click here. I’ll be doing a bit of a roundup of what to expect at a slightly later stage. But all I can say is: GET EXCITED! You can also get regular updates on the event happenings by following their Twitter account.

tribe one festival lineup

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