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Olivia Blois Sharpe

Mish Informed  Olivia Blois Sharpe

Olivia Blois Sharpe

This was originally published on DStv.com in February 2015

We had a chat with lovable Jerseylicious cast member Olivia Blois Sharpe ahead of the show’s Season 6 premiere on Tuesday, 25 February, at 22:10 on Style.

She had a lot to tell us, from what to expect in the new season to how she cringes when she looks back at old episodes. She even gave us her best fashion, beauty and life tips!

Here’s what she had to say.

What can we expect in Season 6 of
Jerseylicious? Are there any specific moments during filming that you really enjoyed?
In Season 6 of Jerseylicious expect to see a lot of relationships and friendships blossom and fall apart. One thing about being in my mid-20s is I feel like I have trimmed most of my friend fat, leaving me with the people who I have made great connections with and truly care about me and want the best for me.

I also believe that the rest of the younger Jerseylicious cast have also reached this point in their lives and I think that’s what we are all starting to realise and learn. Life is not about quantity of friends but the quality of them. For me this season is all about realizing what makes me happy and going after that and just trying to make the most out of life and have fun.

We’ve definitely seen a lot of growth from you in the last few seasons, can we expect to see more?
At this point in life I know what I want and I know what makes me happy and I’m going to go after that and do everything I can to leave all the negativity and drama behind me. I’m also offered a great job opportunity in this season and have to make the decision whether or not it’s in my best interest to take it.

Do you ever look back at certain episodes from previous seasons and laugh or cringe at things you’ve said or done?
Yes, all the time! I’m a Virgo, the most critical and analytical sign of the zodiac. And that’s exactly what I do when I watch past episodes of Jerseylicious. Critique and analyse. I’m my own biggest critic. There is not one episode I can possibly watch without making slightly horrified faces at the TV.

I question what I wore, I question how I did my hair and make-up, I question what I said and how I reacted, but that’s part of growing up. You learn from your mistakes and you learn from your actions. I’m big on addressing my flaws and trying to make myself better from my past.

I normally only watch an episode once to see how it all came together, but I have recently seen a few old episodes from the first couple seasons of Jerseylicious and I can’t believe how different and how much I’ve grown up and changed. I laughed at how young minded and ditsy I was, my style and how overly tan I was. I am very much aware that I used to look like I rolled around in a pile of cheese doodles.

You sing the Jerseylicious theme song, and we’re all wondering, would you ever consider a career in music at some stage?
I definitely had a lot of fun recording the Jerseylicious theme song. When I got to hear it back it was such a great feeling and it’s definitely something that I would love to do more often. To be able to make more songs in the future would be a dream come true.

Music has always been a big influence in my life. A lot of family members of mine had careers in the field of music. I actually grew up with my mother always giving vocal lessons out of our house.

You and your fellow cast member, Anthony Lombardi, worked on a book together, The Glamour State. We saw a bit of the work that went into it in the previous season. Are there plans for another book or perhaps one of your own about make-up and fashion?
The Glamour State book did very well and I am very happy to be able to be a part of it. However at the momen there are no plans for another book.I would definitely love to write a book based on past life experiences, like a self-help book. I would love to write about how to deal with obstacles life throws at you, and how to overcome them and stay positive. How to get through negative relationships/friendships and bullies while keeping your head up and remaining fabulous!Tell us a bit about what you’re getting up to from your make-up and fashion to hosting and writing books – you’re a media mogul in the making!
I’m definitely never satisfied and am always looking to accomplish more for myself. I wanted to be a make-up artist, so I became one. I wanted to start an image consulting business, so I started one. I wanted to be a TV style expert, so I took classes and have gotten a few good gigs talking about style on TV. I set goals of what I want to accomplish and once I accomplish them I always want more. I’m always seeking my next big challenge I want to achieve for myself. You’ll have to wait and see what my next move is. I always need to go bigger and better, so this next move should be a BIG one!

We know this is a hard one to answer because you do so much, but what’s a typical day like for you?

Well let’s just start by saying I am not a morning person. I need some type of caffeine to get me started, preferably a shot of espresso. I also need a good half hour to just fully wake up. Once I’m up I’m ready for the day. To do my make-up it takes me about 45 minutes. My hair only takes about 20 minutes, but it’s the outfit choice that really consumes time. I like to base my outfits on my day and what I’ll be doing. I’m a perfectionist and have OCD and that means everything has to be perfect: my jewelry, my bag, my shoes, everything needs to go perfectly otherwise I feel completely unbalanced and my mood will be off. I’d choose a bad hair or make-up day over a bad outfit day ANY DAY!

What are your top three make-up and/or fashion tips every girl must remember?

Skincare is super important! You need to take good care of your skin by moisturizing daily and always taking off your make-up and cleansing your face at night. When you do your make-up your face is your canvas and you need a fresh clean canvas in order to create a masterpiece!Don’t be afraid to take risks! Fashion is all about taking risks! If we never took risks fashion would never evolve. It wouldn’t be so fun! Don’t be afraid to try bold colors and to mixed patterns, or where large statement pieces like a big chunky necklace or a large cocktail ring. Dress for yourself and don’t ever let yourself go, because when you look good you feel good! And when you don’t feel so good and you’re having one of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days, you can always wear black, because black is always flattering and classic. Just make sure you add your only flair with a pair of funky shoes, fabulous accessories, or a fun lip color!

No matter how much make up you wear or how fashionably you dress, it doesn’t change who you are on the inside. Even as cliché as it may sound, it truly is what’s on the inside that counts. If you have a beautiful heart people can’t help but love you and think of you as a beautiful person. We all have flaws, but it’s our good intentions that smooth out our rough edges. Confidence is the greatest accessory and there is no better cosmetic for beauty than being truly happy. A confident, happy, and kind person will always be the most attractive.

Lastly, what message do you have for your
Jerseylicious fans in Africa?
To all our Jerseylicious fans in Africa I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for being so extremely supportive and passionate about the show. It’s crazy for me to think about how Jerseylicious grew to be so popular and is enjoyed by viewers all over the world. It really is amazing and I’m truly happy that myself and the rest of the cast have been able to entertain you for the past six seasons. Here’s to another Jerseylicious season that I hope you all enjoy!

Keep up with Olivia on Twitter @OlivBloisSharpe and don’t forget to catch her on
Jerseylicious every Tuesday at 22:10 on Style.


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