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Tracy DiMarco

Mish Informed  Tracy DiMarco

Tracy DiMarco

Who has not been hooked on to the Jerseylicious reality show about a group of hair stylists and make-up artists living in New Jersey? If you happen to be the select few who are living under a rock, well, continue reading anyway as we have main cast member, Tracy Catherine DiMarco open up about life at the salon and why she despises Olivia like a bad rash!

What is your first memory of beauty, hair and makeup?

When I was three my mother took me shopping and she turned around to find me braiding the fringe of a leather jacket! Haha, she said before I could spell I could do hair!

Had you always wanted to be in the beauty industry? If not, what had you wanted to do with your life?

I wanted to be a fashion designer, I went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) for design before I went to beauty school!

How did you end up on Jerseylicious?

They basically found me on Facebook and said if I have a beauty license I’d be perfect for the show!

The main question, why do you hate Olivia so much?

She&#39;s an overall bad person, [she] makes people THINK [that] she&#39;s a sweet girl, ya know “the victim” when in reality she has NO real friends or family. She lost them all because she’s such a bitch [and] she’s a diva! I don’t associate with people like that. I am very family oriented and love my friends, so that&#39;s everything to me!

Do you think you could ever get along or even be friends with Olivia? Or do the viewers just misunderstand the whole situation between the two of you?

Never! I may come OFF as the bitch but every girl has a bitch inside her… It’s just how much she lets show – on the show I amp it a little bit, but I’m truly a good person.

What is it like working at the Gatsby Salon and what is a typical day like for you?

Clients, break, clients, home (haha – people get excited to meet us which is cute but for us it’s just a normal day at work!

Who would we be surprised to know is quite unlike what they portray on screen?

Olivia Blois Sharpe! She’s a VERY good “actress” making people believe she is a nice person AKA [she is] A LIAR!

How would you describe your style?

Loud, crazy, flashy, unique, sexual and fun!

You love high volume in your hair! Bigger is better? Do explain your love for volume in your hair?

“THE HIGHER YOUR HAIR, THE CLOSER YOU ARE TO HEAVEN!” – I am very curvy so I feel like if my hair is big it balances out my hips and butt (hahaha).

What is the one fashion item and beauty product that you cannot be without at the moment?

Over the knee boots and hairspray – two things I’ll need forever!!

What are two things we would be surprised to know about you?

That I’m very big on doing charity! I love giving back, we tend to forget how lucky we are TOO often! We end up bitching and complaining about things others WISH they had – that needs to change! And, when fans ask me for pictures, I’m MORE excited to meet them then they are to meet ME! They are what MAKES Jerseylicious, they are there for us no matter what! FAME beings with F and so does FANS… with out the FANS we have NOTHING!

Describe who and what a Jersey girl is to you?

A Jersey girl is exciting, doesn’t get embarrassed, confident, unique, flashy, life of the party, beautiful and happy (to be from JERSEY)!

Your opinion on everyone comparing Jerseylicious to Jersey Shore?

It’s RIDICULOUS, Jersey Shore is 100% different, 1) they AREN’T from Jersey! 2) they get naked in hot tubs with no apparent dreams! 3) they aren’t known for being talented!

We in South Africa are about to get the second half of season two aired in January – what can we look forward to and will there be a season three?

The DRAMA just ESCALATES and it’s an INTENSE season! If we get a season 3 it will be even better than any of them!

Tell me about your new sunglasses line and what else are you working on?

A hair product line called Happy Hour (cocktail scented shampoo and conditioner) and the GLAMGLASS sunglasses line which is fun and different!

Finally, a message to your fans in SA?

I love you ALL and thank you for being TEAM TRACY!!!!! Keep being YOU!


December 15, 2015


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