It's a confusing time. So many parts of the world are under lockdown, we're in the middle of a pandemic and nothing seems real.

Life is different, it's rough and we're uncertain. Please make sure to focus on yourself, your well-being and be mindful of your current actions. What we do today will help us for tomorrow, and the future.

Stay home, stay safe <3
Stay home, stay safe!

Remember Yourself 💜

I originally wrote this article about two weeks back, not knowing that fast forward to now we’d all be self-isolating. I think these tips still work as we try to navigate this new way of life while we try to do our part during the COVI-19 pandemic. Remember to to focus on your self, health and mind.


I’m planning on writing a bunch of quick pieces with tips, positivity and motivation during this time while we all work from home and spend less time with our friends and family. It’s important to stay safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. Not everyone will be able to navigate this time smoothly, and it’s okay. All you need to do is find your own coping mechanism to try to make this time easier to get through.

With that said, here are some quick tips to incorporate into your new daily self-isolating routine. 



I’m the Queen of drinking H20 – water is life! But that’s not what this is about, not only do I like to intake water but I like to nourish my skin to. I love using hydration sheet masks – I’m currently using a BTS/Mdeiheal set – to bring my skin to life because winter is knowing on the door. I normally do it in the early/late evening just before I go to bed, it allows my skin to really absorb it after I take it off. Some of my favourite sheet masks are from Etude House, Sephora, Tony Moly, Apieu and Mediheal.



I LOVE listening to music – I have earphones permanently on – and really enjoy discovering new artists or creating playlists to help with productivity. Often on Sundays I’ll go through my Spotify and create playlists around new music and releases to enjoy for the new week. It then allows me to look forward to something while I get a ton of work done.


During the current situation I think music will help a lot as your get day-to-day tasks done and work your day-job from home. You can switch it up with chilled music, higher energy sounds or even instrumental music – whatever you fancy.


Set the tone

Mental health is so important, and I’ll often choose to watch my favourite lifestyle and productivity Youtubers on a Sunday to inspire me to push on and achieve my goals. Anyone else a huge fan of watching these style of videos? I always leave feeling refreshed and motivated!


We’re going to see an increase in content creation during this time, so it’s a great time to discover content creators who align with your goals, mindset and thinkings. Grab a coffee and use their videos as downtime in between your daily to-do list.


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