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Special screening of Disney’s Descendants

Special screening of Disney’s Descendants

Yesterday was such fun: I spent the morning at Montecasino enjoying a special screening of Disney’s Descendants courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Africa/The Disney Channel and then a wonderful few hours catching up with my friend, Chantelle. It was such a great time I was even able to ignore how my hair decided to go curly practically 5 minutes after leaving the house ~ SIGH.

Before I get into the proceedings of today, I’d like to make a bit of an embarrassing confession… I thought this event was last week Saturday. I was literally ready to request my Uber and leave last Saturday morning when something prompted me to take a look at the invite again to only realise I was a week late. The ironic part is that the day prior I got in touch with one of the lovely Disney team members and he was in Cape Town and I thought ‘Hmm, if they’re still in CT, how are they doing an event tomorrow?’ – well, now I know why. Major silly moment – I assume stress is getting the better of me lately.

I loved the Disney decor for the screening at the Il Grande at Montecasino. There were huge half-eaten apples in corners, screens with promos for the movie, a red carpet, a green screen and food for days! I’m still a bit confused at something I ate: it looked like a cake pop, but was actually fruit covered in chocolate on a stick. I know I shouldn’t have been disappointed but it was too late to go and get a cupcake, ha ha. Guys, the decor really was on another level… someone thought of using fruit as decorations! The more obvious options were fruit skewers placed prettily on tables – that was lovely. No, but what really got me – still has – was how they took orange slices and put it in these glass bowls! I don’t know, I was just really impressed at how cool it looked. Simplicity impresses me, what can I say.

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The movie itself was awesome! Okay, I will admit here, I was ever so slightly skeptical about it mainly because I didn’t want it to look like a cosplay come to life on-screen. Of course, I was wrong. I already was quite in love with the songs prior to seeing the movie, and seeing what a high budget there clearly was, I’m glad they met my expectations and more. Then again, this was directed by Kenny Ortega of High School Musical-fame, so there would of course be tons on offer to impress. Gosh, and we need a moment for BooBoo Stewart’s hair in this movie – beautiful! Can I also say that this reminded me a lot of Once Upon a Time – a show I love! It felt like watching a classic Disney movie with a modern twist – it gave me all the feelings. I will write a full review and some other fun details about Disney’s Descendants closer to the premiere date of it on the Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) on 18 September.

The screening was major fun with little kids everywhere – something rare to be around but fun! My friend and colleague, Molebatsi also came through with her two adorable little girls and their cute little friend. Batsi didn’t sit with us but it was quite an inspiring sight to see her handle these three excited kids all on her own – this is why she’s been coined as a supermom: she takes care of everything perfectly. Her girls were little dreams and I just wanted to hug them every minute!

Thank you Disney Africa for yet another fun event – you guys never disappoint! I’m going to end this post with some random selfies which are pretty blurry (Maybe I’m starting a new trend? Probably not… ooooh WELL – I’m counting down the days until I get my iPhone). Look out for the Disney’s Descendants review coming very, very soon! Is it too soon to be hoping for a sequel? if the news online is anything to go by… you never know!

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