It's February! Technically my 2020 starts now, so Happy New Year to me! I've delayed this because work, work and more work, ha ha.

From 1 Feb I'll be on holiday and I can't wait to reset and re-align my thoughts, goals and what I want from 2020. Have you set the theme for this year as yet?

Stay great and be happy this month <3
February = Make you happy ~

Spotify Sessions: Soft Ariana Grande Playlist


If you follow me anywhere online, namely Twitter and Instagram, you’d notice I’m always talking about my favourite songs, artists and new musical discoveries. Music really helps me to focus and stay motivated which is why I permanently have earphones in – but avoiding small talk is one aspect too, ha ha.

So, I’ve decided it would be great from time to time to share some of my Spotify playlists – both those I’ve created and others I’ve discovered. Spotify really is one of my favourite services and I can’t imagine life without it – thank God they launched in South Africa, because nothing else compares.


Today I’m going to to share a playlist I constantly have on repeat, my soft Ariana Grande playlist. It’s no surprise that I’m an Ari fan, so I’m able to divide her music into various different pockets – my favourite being her soft, calm music. If you need a a soothing, chilled list of songs while you work, get ready or take a moment for yourself, then this is for you.


If you love Ariana too, make sure to follow the playlist! I can’t wait to keep sharing my favourite playlists more often on here.

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