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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with CNA

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with CNA

I’m pretty much obsessed with Harry Potter and the entire wizarding world. I think we all will agree that our childhoods were made just a bit more epic thanks to J.K Rowling. Years after she ended the story of Harry, we still get so much content in the forms of short stories and countless of answers to our questions… so it never truly ended.

Then, our world got more exciting when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was announced! Basically it’s the next generation of the story and we couldn’t get anything better! What I wouldn’t give to go and see the play in London, alas, at least we got offered a book for those who can’t travel across the world to see it.

In honour of the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on 31 July at 00:01 and the exclusive Harry Potter event I’m heading to courtesy of C.N.A, I decided to share with you all some of my thoughts on three of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter franchise. My love for them grew after each re-read of the books and watching the movies countless of times over.

Harry Potter

Of course I love him! In terms of attitude and personality, I prefer book Harry – he’s just given more opportunity to shine, as do all the characters. Movies always miss out bits and pieces – naturally. I LOVE Daniel Radcliffe as Harry! I had – and still do – have a major crush on DanRad.

What I really liked about Harry is that he went through so many emotions during the 7 years we shared with him. From his ups and downs with friends to dealing with the loss of his parents and preparing for the ultimate battle at the end, it was great to be able to relate to him. It was also really cool to see that he also struggled at times with his studies. I just wish we could have seen more Quidditch from after Goblet of Fire.

I’m really interested to see Harry’s growth and change when I read Cursed Child. I’m curious to see what direction he ends up going in.

Severus Snape

I think this still surprises some, how Snape became such a fan favourite. I initially didn’t like him but once I saw Alan Rickman portray him, something in me clicked. Over the years though I’ve noticed I tend to have a soft spot for the villains (for a lack of a better word in this case, because Snaoe is more complex than that).

Snape is the true definition of how you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I loved how Rowling built him up to be such a hated figure and then crushed all those thoughts by revealing his rather sad backstory. It still breaks my heart to see him talk about his unrequited love for Harry’s mother.

Harry’s opinion about Snape changed towards the end so I’m keen to see how he’s mentioned in the book – I mean, his son does bear the same name. Time will tell.

Luna Lovegood


Another character I did not initially like, in all honesty she annoyed me. It was only after the third re-watch of the movies (and Tumblr) did I realise how awesome she truly Is. To add, I think I share many similar traits with Luna from her awkward moments to different interests.

I think I can do a pretty good Luna impress – just putting it out there. I’m really excited to see if she’ll be in Cursed Child – it’s pretty obvious she will be because of the huge role she plays in the movie. I rate she will still be her loveable self – I guess some things never change.

I could talk for ages but this would be thousands of words long, so I won’t. But I can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and all the fun stuff from Saturday! I’ll probably do a vlog! Thanks so much to C.N.A for this magical moment – may the love for the boy who lived continue! Thanks to them we’ll all be the first few to get our hands on the book. Excitement! Follow C.N.A on Facebook and Twitter for all the HArry Potter and the Cursed Child fun! 

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