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What to expect from Disney

What to expect from Disney

Yet again, The Walt Disney Company Africa did not disappoint with their annual content showcase yesterday displaying what we can expect to see in the 2015-16 period. I’m still pretty much on a happiness high and can’t stop talking about all the exciting new shows, movies, games and merchandise they’ll be releasing in the next year! YAY! ^3^ <- my current facial expression in real life.

Anyway, there was TONS mentioned in the 2 hour (or just under) presentation. I wish I could mention everything but instead I’ll list 10 things I’m most excited for!

1. Disney Infinity 3.0: Okay, I clearly missed this part of the presentation because I was late – boo. Though luckily Disney supplied us with the presentation afterwards and I was able to take a look at gameplay screenshots as well as other details about the third offering from the game franchise. There will be so many new editions such as new Star Wars Play Sets and tons of new figures including Marvel’s Ultron and classic favourites Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I’m most excited for the Inside Out Play Sets – I need to get my hands on all the emotions’ figurines especially Disgust and Sadness!

2. The Disney Channel Original Movie: Disney’s “Descendants”: Um hi, I’ve been waiting forever for this – Dove Cameron stars in it! This is basically the story of the Disney Villain’s and if they had kids. But wait… some of my favourite Disney Princesses have kids in this movie too: Mulan, Cinderella and Aurora! There are tons more but you’ll need to watch out for the premiere of Disney’s Descendants on Disney Channel later in September! I love how they’re bringing their characters to life and adding more backstories!


3. Girl Meets World Season 2: need I say more? I adore Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard! Such talented young stars.

4. K.C. Undercover: style icon, Zendaya Coleman is back! YES! She’s back in a Disney XD original show where she plays a spy and looks amazing and it basically gave me flashbacks to Kim Possible. What I gathered from the footage we saw? I want Zendaya’s hair! #HAIRGOALS… Sigh~

5. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: Beyond excited for this Disney XD cartoon! Firstly, the main character is a teen princess and she’s basically the best thing since Mabel from Gravity Falls. I’m kind of now obsessed with looking at art from this show!

6. Shuks! Pay Back the Money!: because I love local! Leon Schuster is back and I’m keen to see this! I really enjoyed interviewing him for his last film and I’m certain this is yet another offering we won’t be disappointed with.

7. The Jungle Book: I got goosebumps when they showed us behind-the-scenes footage and concept art for this! I’m beyond thrilled and cannot wait for this to be released next year!

8. Sofia the First Season 3: Yup, I’m that person who watches Disney Junior and I am not ashamed to admit it! Sofia the First is easily the cutest show ever and I’m hoping and praying to see Queen Elsa and Princess Anna feature in one of the future seasons.


9. Cinderella: finally coming to DVD soon-ish! Let’s not forget the Frozen Fever short too! ;___; <- my tears of joy!

10. Frozen 2: really, that’s it. They confirmed what we all know: there is a sequel. They gave us no other info. Of course after I complained about the lack of info only be laughed at and told that not all the fun can be offered all at once. Boo, Disney. You guys are killing me here >___<  still love you all!

So, there were some of my highlights from the event. There’s a lot of Mavel and Star Wars offerings coming too which is exciting! Keep an eye out on Disney.co.za and the Disney Africa Facebook page to keep updated on more!

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