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Buying a MacBook (M1 Chip) in 2021

I wanted to do a quick blog post about my first impressions of the new MacBook Pro with M1 Chip that I bought. I found when I was looking up reviews, I couldn’t find something simple and straight to the point around why people chose this laptop over others… so here I am.

What makes the new Mac line with M1 Chip so impressive?

Well, I figured it was time to list some of my first impressions as a regular person using it. I transitioned from a regular MacBook Pro to this, and wow… the M1 Chip experience really is something else. 

  • The battery life is incredible! I did notice some apps that aren’t formally M1 compatible yet – here’s looking at you Discord – tend to take up a lot of battery life. But with the exception of that, the battery life truly is something to marvel at. You could easily watch videos, type up documents, be browsing on the internet and use photo or video editing apps without any need to to touch a charged until the end of the day (or even the next). 

  • The speed is something else! I’ve never seen an Apple computer open up apps so quickly before – even Photoshop opens at the speed of light. You don’t realise you’re missing out on something until you experience it. Even video editing is another level with how quick and effortless it is. 
  • It’s a silent beast! Yes, there’s still a fan (unlike with the Air) but it operates differently a little… and you don’t have loud noises constantly! That was always something I hated, that even during a simple task my previous Pro would be extremely loud. Now, that’s a thing of the past and my mind can’t fully understand it, haha!

  • The Touch Bar is great! Okay, while the Touch Bar can do with some improvements, overall the convenience (and novelty) of it won me over. I know the internet is divided between the love-hate relationship towards it but I find that simple tasks (volume control, brightness control and such) can be done so quickly now without needing to click several times to make changes. Oh, and I finally don’t have to press three keys to take a screenshot – it’s the simple things in life. 

If you’re a student, content creator or simply are looking for a powerful machine at a decent price then the MacBook Pro with M1 Chip (8GB or 16GB model) is your best choice! Also, it’s still got that sleek and stunning design we all know and love from Apple. 

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