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Disney Channel Uses Home-grown Talent To Create Commercial

Disney Channel Uses Home-grown Talent To Create Commercial

When I was a kid, the Disney Channel was not available in South Africa – it only came when I was in the middle of my teen years. Even though the channel was not here, I knew about it and obviously loved all the shows as they were syndicated on other local channels. A secret wish of mine was always to by one of the Disney Channle kids and be super cool and famous… well, that did not happen to me, but I did hear about a few local kids who were given the opportunity to star in a Disney Channel commercial so I thought I’d tell you all about it – HOW AWESOME!
Is it bad that I am jealous of these kids??

In a first for South African television audiences, fans of the popular Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) will be able to see local kids in a brand new commercial, shot and produced entirely in Johannesburg by local crews!

St Andrews School for Girls in Linksfield, Johannesburg, played host to a number of teens jumping, dancing, running and playing, in what can only be described as an energy- and fun-filled romp celebrating all the magic, friendship and entertainment that only Disney Channel can offer!

Utilising crew and cast talent entirely from South Africa, local really was lekker! The commercial, due to air on Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) in November, was produced by Johannesburg-based Star Productions and Studio Zoo. Renowned South African Director Justin Puren took the helm of the 2-day shoot that featured 21 extras and 9 cast members, all with their own special skill such as drumming, singing, hip hop dancing and soccer playing.

The shoot for the commercial, comes hot off the news that the 3 Disney-branded channels on DStv (Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior) rank as the number 1 kids multiplex in South Africa, after the successful launch of Disney XD (DStv Channel 304) and Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309) in May and June 2011 respectively. Disney Channel celebrates its 6th birthday in South Africa this month.


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