It's a confusing time. So many parts of the world are under lockdown, we're in the middle of a pandemic and nothing seems real.

Life is different, it's rough and we're uncertain. Please make sure to focus on yourself, your well-being and be mindful of your current actions. What we do today will help us for tomorrow, and the future.

Stay home, stay safe <3
Stay home, stay safe!

How I’m Keeping Sane During Lockdown

Hello everyone 👋🏽 How are you doing? Today we’re nearing the 50-day mark in lockdown for South Africa, and it’s a surreal moment when you think about it. It still blows my mind that this is our current new normal for the foreseeable future. Who would have ever imagined last year this time that 2020 would see all of us inside, cautious and restricting interaction. Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe ♥


Today I wanted to share a quick list of things I’m doing to help keep me distracted and sane when I’m not working my 9-5 from home:


  • Playing Animal Crossing: the hype is real and the game is as calming, cute and fantastic as everyone’s said. I’ve been a long time fan of the franchise so the new game was a welcomed distraction during these times.
  • Listening to more music and podcasts: I already permanently have earphones in my ears but these days I’ve found a surge in my Spotify usage – it’s never a bad thing.
  • Drawing more: I bought myself a sketch book and decorated it to draw more. If any of my OG online friends remember, I used to draw a lot back in the day – whenever I interviewed someone I’d draw them. Now that gesture is reserved for very special occasions.
  • Taking it slow: I’m trying to perfect a better, slower night routine that allows me to relax and wind down from the day. Perhaps I’ll do a post about what exactly that entails… or dare I say, a video?
  • Reading: I’ve been finishing off some books, but I may re-read the Harry Potter series. You don’t get a more perfect escape than to Hogwarts, right?
  • Watching anime: it’s been a minute since I’ve watched anime and I totally forgot how happy it makes me. Another future post will be some old and new anime favourites to recommend to everyone.


Wherever you are, I hope you’re well, safe and allow time for yourself.

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