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How to order ColourPop from South Africa in 2019

It’s been a while since I wrote this post explaining how to order ColourPop from South Africa, and I thought it was time to finally share an updated version.


I never expected that post to become as popular as it did, but it seems it has and many people DM on Instagram asking questions about their order. As I always say, I’m no expert and for the most part I’m just sharing my own experience so it will ultimately differ from person to person.


Seeing as I’ve covered the basics in my original post, instead I’ll be answering frequently asked questions about shopping online from ColourPop when you’re from South Africa. If you have any others, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram.


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 How long does delivery from ColourPop take to South Africa?


There’s no definite answer here and it does vary but my rule of thumb is it takes between 5 to 7 weeks. I’ve had a delivery from CP in just under 5 weeks.


I don’t use services like Shipito and Aramex, because I don’t mind waiting, so sadly I can’t comment on the experience with delivery using forwarding services and the like.


Can you track your ColourPop order?


I can normally track mine up and until the point it leaves the United States of America. After this point, I continue with a hope and a prayer because the South African Post Office still has not progressed into the year 2019 with tracking.


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Will I get charged customs? 


Another general rule I follow is that if I don’t want customs, I won’t order over R500… but I’ve heard of people that have ordered under R500 and got charged customs sadly. My last order was around R750 and I got charged about R145 customs, whereas my friend ordered more than me and wasn’t charged a cent – lucky! It really just depends, but I definitely don’t have any horror stories with customs.


Can I refund or return an item? 


Due to many factors, I never return items I purchase internationally online so I can’t comment on this, but they do state there is a no return or refund policy.


Can I cancel my order?


While they state that cancellations are not possible, I have cancelled an order with ColourPop before. It was over the American Thanksgiving weekend and I felt like I no longer needed what I ordered so I requested a cancellation that Saturday afternoon (South African time) and within 10 minutes their Support Team replied confirming the cancellation of the order and that my money will be returned to my card.


It took about 4 or 5 days and the money was returned, but it wasn’t the exact amount sadly due to the exchange rate but it was around R40 off only.


Are ColourPop products really worth the hype to purchase?


Um… YES! I own Kylie Cosmetics to compare to, and you’re getting nearly equal quality for the fraction of the price! The CP team are constantly coming out with new products and collaborating with great names to bring even more beauty and fun. All the photos in this post are my products from their Disney Designer collab. =)


Get more info on how to order ColourPop products from South Africa here

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