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INECTO PLUS Officially Announces New Face of the Brand

INECTO PLUS Officially Announces New Face of the Brand

Yesterday I attended a beautiful event at the Suncoast Towers Hotel. It was a midday event where Gail Mabalane (The Wild, Rockville) was welcomed as the Ambassador for hair brand, Inecto PLUS. It was such a beautiful, sunny day – as we all know, Durban has no idea what Winter is.

inecto 06inecto 03Bloggers, media and special guests were invited to the event. There was a beautiful setup of flowers, canapes and models donning the latest Inecto PLUS colours. I loved the trees and greenery surrounding us that added to the ambiance of beauty and intimacy. I enjoyed meeting old and new friends. I was so happy to see one of my favourite radio DJs, Zaba Simbine who looked lovely in an orange dress as well as the country’s most well-known publicists, Melanie Ramjee who invited me to the event. My mother accompanied me to the event – she loves fashion and beauty so I knew she’d love it.
inecto 02‘Gail Mbalane is just the perfect fit for the Inecto PLUS brand. She is a firm favourite within our consumer space and we are simply overjoyed that she is now part of the Inecto family’ say brand manager Bongi Ntinga, ‘She is young and fresh yet sophisticated and classy, much like the Inecto Plus brand image’.  Gail explained to us that the Inecto brand has always been a part of her life ever since she was a young girl and that she was happy to finally have the news out after months of secrecy.

We were allowed to ask a few questions so I was the first to ask a question – not nerve-wrecking at all – and I had to ask the Q everyone was thinking about: was there any competition between herself and friend/colleague, Minnie Dlamini. Needless to say, Gail didn’t expect that one; she laughed and said no there was no competition at all.
inecto 04inecto 07After the Q&A session we were allowed to chat to Gail one-on-one or get a photo. I did not take a photo but my mom did and we complimented Gail on how beautiful she is – our South African Halle Berry. We ended off the afternoon with some of the delightful canapes and a quick chat with the always lovely, Mel.
It was a lovely event and I’m quite annoyed with myself that I did not take that many photos.

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  • August 19, 2013

    Sounds like you had fun at the event. It’s cool that you were brave enough to ask her that question – I don;t think I would have been.

    I always regret not taking enough photos when I go somewhere, but I guess it means you were having too much fun to do so. At least you have the happy memories!

    Glad you had fun!

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