How are we already halfway through 2021!? I don't know about anyone else, but my brain refuses to understand the notion of time anymore.

How are you planning to spend the rest of the year? I like to use June as a way to reflect and figure out the plan for the next half of the year, and it'll be the same this year. I may share some of my planning and thoughts along the way along with new projects and happenings too.

Stay safe <3
Stay home, stay safe!

Current faves

I’ve had a bit of writer’s block of late, so figured a simple post speaking about some of my current favourite things would be a fun list to write up. I’ve had a couple of things on a rotation keeping me happy, so here’s what they are.

Buying a MacBook (M1 Chip) in 2021

I wanted to do a quick blog post about my first impressions of the new MacBook Pro with M1 Chip that I bought. I found when I was looking up reviews, I couldn’t find something simple and straight to the point around why people chose this laptop over others… so here I am.

What makes the new Mac line with M1 Chip so impressive?

Best Lyrics From #DWTDTAOSO By Demi Lovato

To no one’s surprise, I’m here to share my favourite lyrics from Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over by Demi Lovato. As I’ve been saying across social media, this album is her best body of work to date – a literal masterpiece. It makes sense that I’m here to pay homage to it. It’s therapeutic album both for Demi, as well as us listening to it relating it to our own experiences.