It's a confusing time. So many parts of the world are under lockdown, we're in the middle of a pandemic and nothing seems real.

Life is different, it's rough and we're uncertain. Please make sure to focus on yourself, your well-being and be mindful of your current actions. What we do today will help us for tomorrow, and the future.

Stay home, stay safe <3
Stay home, stay safe!

My Work-From-Home Desk Setup

Hello everyone! I’ve been posting a lot about my current work setup and stationery on Instagram and thought it would be nice to share some of the photos here too. This is in no way near to being finished, it’s definitely the early stages but felt it’d be fun to document the process of getting it “aesthetically pleasing”.


Prior to the current pandemic, I didn’t have a work space I really liked so while a lot of us are still working from home I figured it’d be a better time than any to focus on creating an ideal little area to be productive. Please don’t expect anything professional, I’m here for a simple, cute aesthetic – think pastels, Disney and the like.

5 Shows I’m Currently Watching

Why don’t I do these roundups more often? I watch a lot of TV shows, dramas and anime. It actually surprises me how many at a time – I use the excuse of it being research for work to make myself feel better. I figured with us still in lockdown that this would be a nice recurring feature to have.


My favourite pastime these days after an 8-hour workday is to make something nice to eat and catch up with a few episodes of whatever I’m watching. I know eating in front of the TV isn’t the most ideal but it’s very inviting during these times.

How I’m Keeping Sane During Lockdown

Hello everyone 👋🏽 How are you doing? Today we’re nearing the 50-day mark in lockdown for South Africa, and it’s a surreal moment when you think about it. It still blows my mind that this is our current new normal for the foreseeable future. Who would have ever imagined last year this time that 2020 would see all of us inside, cautious and restricting interaction. Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe ♥


Today I wanted to share a quick list of things I’m doing to help keep me distracted and sane when I’m not working my 9-5 from home: