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Meeting Disney’s Descendants in South Africa

Dove Cameron on red carpet.

Surreal. That’s the word I would use to describe meeting Disney Channel Original Movie stars Dove Cameron, Thomas Doherty and Cameron Boyce from Descendants 2. Sure, I’m still hung up about not getting any photos with them but I’m starting to think my fun conversation (AKA my interview) is still the best thing… ever!

I have so many stories to share from Tuesday 3 October which I’ll share in two posts: this one and the next one. This post will be about my initial interactions with the trio and the others will be more about observations. Out of all the media, I’m pretty sure I spent the most time with the cast because not only did I interview them for my website but for DStv too.

Ready to find out what the Disney Descendants cast are like? Spoiler: they’re totally awesome!

Dove Cameron


My first impression of Dove was that she’s totally beautiful – doll-like rather. She’s super tiny as she and others point out. I was sitting waiting for my interview turn and she walked passed and had such an air of grace and coolness about her – hello #GOALS! When it came to  meeting her, I thought it was going to be a bit awkward because she had come in last and I’d already greeted Thomas and Cameron. The verdict? She was super sweet when I pointed out how I hadn’t greeted her as yet. My experience with celebs normally sometimes see them be very nonchalant about saying hello and asking how they are but she was seriously sweet.

Interview-wise Dove was willing to share a lot about herself and had some playful banter with Thomas (her boyfriend) in the middle of both interviews – cute! She also sang during one of my questions. IT was more of a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment but what I can say is: Dove can sing! I mean, I’m not surprised.

Cameron Boyce


I always thought Cameron was such a little cutie in Jessie and meeting him now was such an interesting experience. Ultimately we watched him grow up on our television screens (he must have been 11 or 12 during the start of Jessie) and seeing him now at 18-years-old is so… different. He’s still a cutie and really a down-to-earth guy. Prior to the start of my interview, he was already in the room. We had a conversation about the art of short-hand notes an how impossible both he and I find it – there are audio recording devices for a reason, thank you.

Cameron is really chilled and easy to talk to. He had some cool stories to share even though he must have re-told the each a million times over before.  The youngest of the trio, I kind of felt I’d like to sit down with him again and hear his take on many things. Also, he gave me some major travel FOMO.

Thomas Doherty


The more recent addition to the Disney Channel talent roster and new face in Descendants 2, I really adored Thomas. Firstly, his photos online don’t do him justice, this guy is simply stunning to look at. Guess what girls, not only is he good-looking but a total sweetheart too! He’s very charming – maybe it’s his accent? When he walked into the room, he made certain to do an introduction before sitting down which said a lot.

What I gauged from the two interviews with him is that he’s really grounded and grateful for his current success. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone who’s the entire package and yet so modest and humble. Actually, I can say that for all three of them. Last note, he smelled amazing – both during the interviews and on the red carpet. Yes guys, I paid attention to the details, ha ha. Can I just add, Thomas and Dove are totally in love – you could see it when they were around each other.

I have more stories to share about the cast and overall day including the #Descendants2SA premiere, so keep an eye out for more! Please someone pinch me, I feel like this was all a dream. 


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