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My top 5 favourite Disney films

My top 5 favourite Disney films

It’s no surprise that I absolutely adore Walt Disney! I may be 22 but I’ll forever be a kid at heart. I love what Disney stands for: happiness and the power of imagination. If I had not gotten into writing, my main career aspirations were always to become an animator or storyboard illustrator at the Disney animation studios.

With The Walt Disney Company Africa’s annual showcase event taking place later on this week, I thought it would be perfectly apt to share with you my five favourite Disney animated films – in no particular order, of course. This was tricky but these movies will forever remain dear to my heart and I can’t wait to introduce my kids to them one day.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s wonder and intrigue is wonderful. She encourages you to be inquisitive and follow your dreams. I remember being pretty much obsessed with the television series of the same name where Ariel went on so many adventures which left me slightly jealous to be honest. I always found it fascinating that all the bubbles in the movie were animated in Japan.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle remains my ultimate favourite Disney Princess. Intelligent, kind and a bookworm, I always aspired to have qualities like her. This movie was an instant hit in our home when I was a kid and I remember watching the movie, rewinding the VHS tape and watching it again! I always wanted to be a part of the Be Our Guest scene and tour a personal library like the Beast has. Beauty and the Beast taught us many lessons of being brave and nice to others, but the main was that you should never judge a person and instead get to know them. Oh, and Belle’s father is my favourite Disney dad – he’s too cute!

Aladdin: Another movie I could rewind and watch over and over again. It’s a story of rags to riches – literally. Aladdin shows us to never give up and just because you’re down and out, there will be something better for you if you just believe. I also loved Jasmine’s feisty attitude – she’s awesome! Fun fact, Jafar is my second favourite Disney villain after Scar from The Lion King.

Frozen: Oh Frozen! I want to be just like Queen Elsa – she is incredible! This movie never gets old. I tear up towards the end each time and especially during the First Time in Forever (reprise) scene. This film is simply gorgeous and I can’t wait for the confirmed sequel! It’s such a sweet story between two siblings and I love that Disney didn’t focus too much on the love aspect for once. It was nice to identify with both Anna and Elsa who are pretty much polar opposites ~(but complement each other perfectly). Let It Go remains my Disney power anthem song!

Big Hero 6: This movie really exceeded my expectations. Sure, I was excited for it but when I watched it I was left feeling so motivated and determined to reach my goals like Hiro. I realised I’d also like to develop some personality traits I identified with in Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago! I really hope they make a sequel to this film. And can I just say, if San Fransokyo were real, I’d totally move there!

I could go on forever about these movies, but I’ll leave it here until I return for another blog post to talk about my other five favourites perhaps. 

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