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Alexa Prisco

Mish Informed  Alexa Prisco

Alexa Prisco

We have all been glued to the drama on Jerseylicious, after all, big hair means big drama, right? If it isn’t Tracy fighting with Olivia then it’s Gayle stressing over an event at the Gatsby Salon. Alexa Prisco (28) aka The Glam Fairy is known for her in-your-face attitude and love for a smokey eye. I caught up with her to see what makes this Glam Fairy sparkle:

Had you always wanted to enter into the beauty industry? If not, what had you then envisioned for yourself?

I actually majored in English writing in college and while I always had a fascination with make-up I never thought It would be my career… I thought [that] I would be a writer or a dancer. 

What’s your first make-up/beauty/styling memory?

I cant say I have a first memory… all I know is that since I have had the skills to pick up a lipstick I knew [that] I wanted to put it on someone else

I read that you moved out of your parents’ home and you had a strong desire in working and earning for yourself – quite admirable. How hard was it? Do you feel that experience helped you acquire a strong sense of self-understanding at a young age?

I felt like moving out was my only choice if I wanted to feel any strong sense of earning.  When I worked at the MAC counter I encountered so many women that looked the part; Louboutins, Gucci bag etc, but they all “married” someone to get there.  I wanted to look like that, but I never wanted to have anyone be financially responsible for me.  So I metaphorically married myself [and] it forced me to understand who I was.  Self actualization is something that people sometimes never find but running a business and being financially independent with little to no support emotionally makes the reward so much sweeter when you do come out on top in the end.  However I cant say that that fight along side with building my business didn’t also build a bit of a callous and taught me the art of self defence in many respects.

How did The Glam Fairy come about? 

I knew I loved make-up… And I knew that I hated working for other people so I wanted to tailor a business that fused those two ideals together.  I was an English writing major in college and although running a business does demand many of the skills that major taught me if I [had] used English exclusively as a career I would have never followed my passion.

What services does The Glam Fairy offer? 

We do photoshoots, hair, make-up, classes, private lessons.  If you go to the services menu of my website www.theglamfairy.com  it goes through the many extensive services that we offer. 

How did you become involved in Jerseylicious?

Some of the producers who were putting together the show found me and the rest is history. 

What was shooting like – you all have very bold personalities, any clashes with one another?

I would lie if I said it wasn’t absolutely draining, but people are attracted to drama so that is what we gave [them].  If you put seven alpha personalities into a room there is bound to be an argument – on or off camera – so I kept to myself as much as I could and I definitely stay cool with everyone. 

Speaking about personality, you have a very straightforward attitude and know what you want – where did that stem from?

Anyone that really knows me would actually say I am a super sensitive person.  I do know what I want but I care about other people a great deal.  The art of television is to take a characteristic that is part of a whole and to make it visibly more dominant than the other characteristics.  And yes I am straightforward, but I am also many other things as well – I’m human. 

How would you describe your relationship with both Gayle and Olivia respectively?

I stay pleasant with everyone.  Its extremely obvious we all lead our lives differently.  And flocks of a feather stick together.  That being said even though I stay pleasant you wont see me hanging out with any of them. 

What have been the highlights and lowlights of your career? 

I would say Jerseylicious is the answer to both of those because as much as it has been a blessing and wonderful for The Glam Fairy the consumption of time and stress that it has caused me has been a bitter sweet reward

\What are your plans and goals for the future? 

I hope to have my own make-up line and I really want to work on movies more –  I don’t want to be on tv forever. 

Have you had any crazy or funny fan moments?

Someone wanted to do a chocolate sculpture of my chihuahua, Rue. 

What is your advice to entrepreneurs?

Risk everything, spend every penny, and believe in yourself because no one else will when you are making a completely illogical decision. 

\Whom do you consider to be your role-model/s?

Kevyn Aucoin, Kandee Johnson, and Andy Warhol

What essential items would you never leave home without?

Sunglasses, Xanax, and my cellphone.

How would you describe your style?


Finally, a message to your South African fans?

Thank you guys so much for being fans!  I love each and every one of you and your interest in such a specific area of this world “Jersey”  [it] makes me feel super special.  Thank you!


December 15, 2015


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