How are we already halfway through 2021!? I don't know about anyone else, but my brain refuses to understand the notion of time anymore.

How are you planning to spend the rest of the year? I like to use June as a way to reflect and figure out the plan for the next half of the year, and it'll be the same this year. I may share some of my planning and thoughts along the way along with new projects and happenings too.

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Originally published for DStv.com


We grew up with her as Raven Baxter in That’s So Raven and saw her Strut as Galleria in Cheetah Girls, she shared her opinions with the world as a co-host on The View and displayed her vocal range on Broadway… now Raven-Symoné is back as our favourite psychic in the Disney Channel spin-off series, Raven’s Home (every weekday at 16:50 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now)


Exclusive interview:


Thanks to The Walt Disney Company Africa we had some time to get to know the iconic actress and singer. For those wondering, Raven is exactly how you’d imagine her to be from her on-screen persona: friendly, funny and an absolute ray of sunshine. Could we totally become besties with Rae, please?


Inside info:


Raven let us in on what’s to come in the next season including the various inspirations behind the Raven’s Home Remix musical episode, what executive producing the show is like and how she’s paying it forward to her younger cast members.


Watch the video below to see what Raven-Symoné had to say during her time in South Africa:


Watch Raven-Symoné return as Raven Baxter in the second season of Raven’s Home (every weekday at 16:50 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now).


October 30, 2018


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