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Zuri Hall

Originally published for DStv.com


You see her week days on E! News at 19:05 on E! Entertainment and she graces the red carpet to bring us the celebrity scoop that we all stream online on DStv Now, but now we get to see Zuri Hall in an entire new light. Hall jetted to South Africa to attend the Durban July at the beginning of July and we got some time to chat to the beauty about anything and everything. This wasn’t her first trip to SA, but she was excited to be back!


From her positive mindset to what a typical day is like for her, Hall shared many fun facts and secrets with us – here are the five most important for you to know.  


Branching out

Hall is not just gracing your television screens as a host on E! News but you can spot her on your mobile screens too with her brand new digital show, What’s Good with Zuri Hall. “It’s my way of celebrating diversity in Hollywood and shining the light on different types of stories” she shared. From artists who are different to serving a little unique twist on the norm, Hall will turn her attention on sharing more about them to the world. She described all the fun they have shooting it and how the sarcasm is served, but all in the name of a good time!


She beamed over E! Entertainment allowing her the platform and the resources to pursue this project and we couldn’t be happier too – there’s no doubt about it that Hall has a passion that shines through with everything that she does.


That’s not all Hall works on, What the Fashion takes Hall’s incredible style and commentary to Snapchat under the Discover channel for another digital show that will have you hooked. “It’s like a new-age Fashion Police if you will – it’s a lot of fun and uber millennial” she laughed.



Hall is a young black woman owning the game in the entertainment industry and paving the way for others to come. What does she have to say about the importance of diversity in 2018? Of course we asked her!


“Now more than ever we’re seeing so much more representation and inclusion in Hollywood period.” said Hall about being able to see more people of colour in the entertainment scene. “It’s been really exciting for me on these red carpets,” she said “To see women who look like me; women who look like me – men and women who don’t look like me. Who don’t look like what we always see. It’s really great to be able to witness that”.


Style slayer

“Working at E! has been a master class in fashion!” Hall laughed when we asked her about her style. She’s always loved fashion but she prefers effortless elegance with a little bit of edge. “It’s the bread and butter of the network – our viewers love it!” Hall said about the important of style in her industry.


Hall expressed her gratitude to learn about fashion via E! Entertainment and how it’s helped her to discover what she likes and what she doesn’t like.


Empowerment is key

What keeps Hall going in an industry so cut throat as the entertainment one? When we spotted her tweet about her vision board we knew we needed to delve deeper into her positive mindset. “The Law of Attraction for me is so real and over the last year I’ve learned that you get what you put out,” she shared “the more I focus on positive energy and gratitude and appreciating what I have, it sounds so cliche, the universe seems to give me more things to feel great about”. Hall says she attracts what she thinks and once you realise it, you just go through life continuing that positivity.


Current favourites

What to be besties with Hall? She shared with us some of her current favourite things – take a look.

Last movie she enjoyed: Black Panther was the film of the year for her.

Musical obsession: Hall pulled out her phone to give an accurate answer, but she’s been loving Ariana Grande’s No Tears Left To Cry – calling it her theme song for 2018. Drake’s new album Scorpion also ranked high and Her is an RnB artist she loves and she recommended that we listen to her song Focus.

One thing to always have on set: A blanket! Hall confessed how she likes to snuggle up between takes with a blanket on set.

Fashion trend at the moment: Hall admitted she can’t layer to save her life but she’s been enjoying the “more is more” trend at the moment. Sequins with velvet being paired up is what Hall is admiring. Would she rock it herself? She said no, but we tried to convince her otherwise. The 90s is back!

Instagram account to follow: @joansmalls for modelling and @yung_pueblo for the motivation!

Watch Zuri Hall week days on E! News at 19:05 on E! Entertainment or stream online on DStv Now.


July 8, 2018


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