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Say It Ain’t So: Jelena Broke Up!

Say It Ain’t So: Jelena Broke Up!

Jelena broke up… or so that’s what is being reported. Um, for the small percentile of people who do know know about Jelena; that is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. For the even smaller fraction of the world; they had been dating for two years.

All the reports are a bit hazy, but the first main report was on E!online – basically, what was said was that JB and Selena broke up due to their schedules. Other reports though included 19 years old Victoria Secrets model, Barbara Palvin, whom Justin recently went with to watch the Lion King – uh, Barbs has a boyfriend though so we’re ruling that entire story out.

Then, if this couldn’t become any more hectic, reportedly last night Bieber went to Selly‘s hotel trying to win her over. He tried to sneak in through the back but fans saw him and blah blah blah, that usual stuff. Then he was spotted leaving the hotel with bags so people assume Selena rejected his appeal to get back together. But wait…. there’s more! That same evening Sel and Justin were spotted in a restaurant together with several close friends. My brain hurts from¬†thinking!

So the point of all of this was for me to update you guys about that… I love the two of them, they are adorable! People keep shunning their relationship due to the age difference – which, might I add is only one year- but I think they suit each other.

Here are a few pictures below of them in happier times – I really hope they get back together!

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