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Spider-Man: Homecoming I Review

I’m not a very big superhero fan, which is why I was surprised by myself that I 1. Wanted to watch the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming reboot and 2. Actually enjoyed it.

I went with my friend Yentl to watch the movie last night at Ster-Kinekor Prestige. If I have to tell you who my ultimate favourite superhero is, I’d probably always say Spider-Man. I may not be a massive fan of the heroes, their origin stories and the like but I do recall always enjoying Spider-Man when I was younger.


I decided to put together a list of reasons why I really enjoyed the movie instead of an in-depth review… so read on to see why I enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland


You may recognise Tom from the movie The Impossible, which is how I know him because I’m not that familiar with his work. I wasn’t too sure how he’d do with the role, but seeing the humorous and chilled direction they went with Peter Parker, Tom is Spider-Man. He really delivered a great performance because not once did I feel like I didn’t like him or that I doubted anything.

The suit


There are so many designs they could have gone for, but I loved that they took elements from various timelines of the Spider-Man comics to develop an incredible suit! Of course we know who is behind the design in the movie but when you look at it, the suit has a lot to offer and if I’m honest, we only scratched the surface of how it enhances Peter’s powers. And side-note: his eyes actually display movement! Finally.

Coming of age


The movie is a homage to many classic teen movies and their prominent coming-of-age story arcs. It’s no different in Homecoming where we see Peter Parker struggle to prove himself to Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the team. He’s seen as a friendly neighbourhood hero when all he wants is to be more. He deals with high school bullies, crushes and not being understood. It’s a good balance of action, comedy and a dose of romance in the air for everyone to enjoy.  Also, the cast really work well alongside each other which elevates the storyline even more.

The visuals


There’s no doubt about it, not a dime was spared with this reboot. The visuals are incredible from the fight sequences to the web swinging action, you really get absorbed into the movie. I kind of wish I watched this in 4D. The colour palette is rich and bright and ultimately brings a really fun vibe to the movie as opposed to many action films which are desaturated with everything. I’m a sucker for colour.

If you haven’t then it’s time to head out and Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming! I 100% recommend it!

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