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Best Lyrics From #DWTDTAOSO By Demi Lovato

To no one’s surprise, I’m here to share my favourite lyrics from Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over by Demi Lovato. As I’ve been saying across social media, this album is her best body of work to date – a literal masterpiece. It makes sense that I’m here to pay homage to it. It’s therapeutic album both for Demi, as well as us listening to it relating it to our own experiences.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts around the album as well as Demi’s docu-series, Dancing with the Devil. I’m trying to piece everything together to make sense for my podcast because a simple blog post won’t suffice in talking about what this redemption era of Demi’s means for both her, as well as her Lovatics (me).

For now, I’ve picked some of my favourite lines from each song. I stuck with the track list from the standard deluxe edition and did not include the additional UK (Gray) and Target exclusive tracks (I’m Sorry; Change You) or digital expanded edition (I Love Me; I’m Ready; and Ok Not to Be Ok). If you haven’t, make sure to listen to the album – I cannot say enough good things about it. Also, my last.fm shows how many times I’ve listened to it during release week, if anyone needs proof.


I used to crave the world’s attention. I think I cried too many times. I just need some more affection. Anything to get me by.

Dancing with the Devil:

Almost made it to heaven, it was closer than you know. Playing with the enemy, gambling with my soul.

I.C.U. (Madison’s Lullabye):

‘Cause I was blind but now I see, clearly, I see you.


Let me take you on a journey, one that sheds the skin of my past and embodies the person I am today. This is The Art of Starting Over.

The Art of Starting Over:

Give me a pen I’m rewriting another ending // Guess I’m mastering the art of starting over, starting over. New beginnings can be lonely, thank god I got me to hold me.

Lonely People:

The sad and scary truth is we all die alone, do you better love yourself before you go.

The Way You Don’t Look at Me:

And I’ve been to hell and back but this isn’t that.

Melon Cake:

No more melon cake. There was a time I was pulled in all directions and forgot about mine, but I wouldn’t wish those thoughts on my worst enemy. They make you wish you don’t exist.

Met Him Last Night:

I don’t believe in you ’cause I know just how you do. // Boy, you were my only vice, I never feel this way. Won’t be no hostage, I’m leaving.

What Other People Say:

I’m living my life so I go to heaven and never come back. // I used to call my mom every Sunday so she knew her love wasn’t far away.


Yeah, I’m impressive I know my superpowers, now you’re invested.

The Kind of Lover I Am:

You can safely put your heart in my hands. // I’m not the type to call you out and fight in front of your friends. But oh lord, we’ll be having some words in my Mercedes Benz.


I’ll leave through the gift shop, I’m keeping all my souvenirs, keychain and a cough drop. Postcards say, “I wish that you were here”.

15 Minutes:

It should be an honor I even had the time to bother, but this is where the sand in the hour glass ends.

My Girlfriends are My Boyfriend:

Don’t need a ring or a vow I got my day ones around. They’re perfect, they’re priceless. Forever, like diamonds. // A reservation made for eight is way better than two plates – after everything that I’ve been through.

California Sober:

Cashin’ in my chips for forgiveness, trading in my shame for perspective. // I’m California sober. It doesn’t have to mean the growin’ part is over. No, it ain’t black or white, it’s all of the colors.

Mad World (cover):

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.


Well, at least I got my heart from you, that much I’m grateful for I know. // I’m growing into who I’m meant to be, no more looking for a sign.

Good Place:

Now I’m in a good place. Took a while to feel this way. No longer have to save face. Reconciled with okay. // Through bad situations, fixed the foundation and now I’m doin’ alright.


We’re just two tangled souls made of roses and thorns cuttin’ through concrete, mm. We’re just ships in the night chasin’ after the light.

There’s no bad song on this album. Demi poured her heart and soul into it, and you can hear every bit of that. As she described it, this is like fantasy/dream pop – it truly is a magical experience.

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